Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who are we really?

This summer I've developed a few obsessions and one of them has been the movie Easy A. I think it's because the movie's about a nice girl with a really snarky attitude (relatable) who becomes something she isn't because she plays the part so well. I don't want to give the movie away for those of you who haven't seen it but my point is, her embellishing gives her a persona that finally gets her noticed.

I've never felt the need to lie about anything major. My lies or "embellishments", rather, were usually about silly things that I admitted to a minute later for fear of being discovered. My issue with hardcore lying is that I don't know how to keep it going - I get confused, feel guilty and caught up in things so it's honestly much easier to tell the truth. Whoever said Leos are natural born liars must not have been talking about me. Manipulator? Sure, but not a liar.

However, when it comes to creating a persona to get through life's mini episodes I've noticed that it can become a little addictive and frankly, entertaining. Going out to a bar and adopting a fake accent is something I've always wanted to do just for the hell of it. Coming up with an alias (mine is Lola Stack, fyi) just so you can say you have an alter ego can make light of a really awkward situation and sometimes life's too short to take it seriously. When I was about to graduate and hit with the "what are you doing now" question I decided I was going to start having some fun. I knew I was going to do something predictable yet admirable with my life, but they didn't need to know that, so I spouted off things like "I'm joining the Peace Corps" or "I'm moving to London." Why? Well . . why not?

If you wanna get technical, any of those things could have happened even if the percent chance was a low one. Now I'm not saying you should go around lying frequently to your loved ones or put anyone in a position where they feel like they can never trust you again, but if even for a few minutes you can have a silent chuckle, embrace your inner compulsive liar.

I know it seems contradictory for me to say I keep it 100 in this blog and then endorse white lies but believe me - this blog will be my full blown opinion. I was even real about lying.


  1. It was a Twitter experiment! lol Alex and I wanted to see how quickly news could travel over Twitter amongst friends so we left a status up for a little bit. I wish it were true :\


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