About Carrymel ッ

Name: My alias is Carrymel, but if you must know, I'm Nhya (Ni-ya)

Age: 23

Originally from: Long Island, New York but parlaying in the most well-lit city in the country

Hobbies include: Avid reading, meticulous cleaning, impromptu shopping, spending time with my friends and boyfriend, watching/crying when watching romantic movies, dancing half naked alone in my room and of course - writing

Guilty pleasures: Any show about self-made celebrity wives (Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, etc.), The Cooking Channel, designing, True Blood, RuPaul, Hello Kitty, Justin Bieber, homemade cupcakes

Things I'm good at: Convincing others I know a lot more than I actually do (aka, conning), listening, writing, making magical sh-t happen. . . and um, making breakfast?

Movies I can quote verbatim: Step Brothers, Now and Then, Pulp Fiction

When I grow up I want to be like BE: Some mixture between a super mom like Kimora Lee Simmons, a self-made mogul like Oprah, and a fierce writer chick like my idol, Carrie Bradshaw. And yes, I know she's a character. Your point?