Friday, June 10, 2011

My Theme Music

As part of my 10 Day Challenge, I need to post two songs but since I didn't know if they really need to have meaning I'm posting some ish you can bump to. Or as my boyfriend likes to call it, chick music.

I was torn between my two loves of Whitney and Mariah, but the true diva prevailed. . .

Fantasy - Mariah Carey
This song first got on my radar whenever Rush Hour came out and there was that opening scene with the little Asian girl, Soo-Yung, singing (poorly) along to this in her limo. I thought, I wanna be her. Then I saw the actual video with MC looking happy and in love and I decided that I wanted my first relationship to be just like that. I wanted it to be natural, exciting, over-the-top, sensual and most of all - void of any and all concepts of reality. Real deep in love. I wanted to be on Cloud 9. Now, when I listen to that song I think of first loves and loving in general.

Caramel - City High
This song is partial inspiration to my nickname. The beat of this song is relaxing, slow, and it also evokes a feeling of happiness for me. I like it because (like many songs and totally not in a narcissistic way) I like to think this was written about me. I decided to latch onto to these lyrics, just because:

Anywhere I go, I'm spotted
And anything I want, I got it
5'5 5'7 with brown eyes,
Smile like the sunrise

Say what you want, but listening to this will make you feel like you're modestly the sh-t. And I'm all about subtlety.

PS - I'ma need y'all to not judge the songs based on the videos, thanks. I just put them on there because I know how this society is with visuals and whatnot. God forbid y'all take my word for it.

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