Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm normally not prone to blackouts. . .

But I honestly remember bits and pieces of this Saturday. You know how you know you had fun but you're not entirely sure what you did? That's where I'm at right now.

Here's what I did piece together:
• Shots on shots on shots. I really need to come to terms with me not being able to drink a Joose with anything else. It's not for me.
• Lots of cabs all over NYC even though everything was in a 4 block radius and we DEF could have walked.
• None of us (my 3 friends and I) were being the adults in any situation, lol. No type of authority.
• A long train ride to the wrong stop and an unfortunate incident involving me, my new pants, and the last Bacardi Limon shot I had.
• Strong Island Iced Teas
• Good pizza. An even better shish kebab.
• Dancing. Sorta.
• Falling off a pole on a construction site and pondering my life and choices.

My germ-a-phobe LS

I can tell from this picture that I clearly needed to stop, yet made no real attempt to. *shrugs*

But the important thing is - I had fun and was able to make it to Father's Day brunch at iHop the next morning with 3 hours of sleep :) I very rarely go out to the city and I'm tryna break out of being a Long Island Girl.

Oh! PS - Happy Father's Day to my dad. He's 21-years-old today! As a father, anyway.


  1. You fell off a pole? Glad you're okay!

    And happy father's day to your dad.

  2. Seems like you had a blast!!!

    -i just read you comment...Thank you!
    I try to play up my eyes as much as i can. I get inspired with Kim Kardashian's Makeup.

  3. aww.. seems you really had fun
    lol at nobody being the adult
    i went on saturday and it was too mature
    made it not as fun as it could be
    heck you are only 21, you still got time to have fun
    just don't over drink it lool.

  4. At your age you deserve to go out and have a good time! Live it up!


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