Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'ma Hustler (Well, I'd like to be)

This summer it has become painfully obvious that the modest income I'm generating on a daily basis is not suitable for the lifestyle I'd like to become accustomed to. In my mind, I want to live like a young Carrie Bradshaw (surprised?) but since that may be aiming too high for a recent grad I'm willing to economize. A little.

I actually want to take on an additional job of some sort to add to the two I've already got. If I do this, I can stop only ordering glasses of water with lemon to drink when I go out. My only problem is that I'm hella picky, with no special skills besides maybe being a personal shopper. Let's look at some options, shall we? Maybe you'll get inspired.

Top 5 College Student Legal Carrymel-Approved Side Hustles

1.) Babysitting - It's pretty easy, assuming the kids you're watching aren't medicated and you've got more common sense than they do. If you get enough referrals or a family that really likes you, you can have a steady amount of cash flowing every week which means new shoes, a paid phone bill, possibly money towards a tattoo - the works. You sit in a house, eat up all their food (and blame the kids, obviously) and play a couple of board games or watch a show to keep the little ones occupied. If you're lucky, you might get a kid who's too young to ask questions about why you paint your nails so often or if you and your boyfriend will ever get married.Serious about it? Visit a site like Sitter City and register or just tell people through word of mouth.

My con - I love kids. I do. I especially love them when they're at that age where they believe everything you tell them. What I've realized about myself is that I love kids a lot more when they're not my responsibility. Something about me having their life in my hands is a turn-off.

2.) Tutoring - If there's anything, and I mean anything, that you are remotely good at, try to teach someone and get paid for it. This is another one that might involve kids so if you're good with them and patient, give it a go.

My con - I'm normally really good at highlighting my accomplishments but to be honest - besides writing - there is nothing I feel qualified to teach America's youth about. I can't play any instruments, I am horrible at math, and I toyed with the idea of playing sports in HS - none of which I mastered. Unless maybe a semester of Color Guard in marching band is considered useful experience. I think I did too much of everything and not enough of one thing.

3.) Senior Citizen Assistance - I feel like you probably need to be spot-checked like crazy so it may not be the easiest thing to get into but people will pay you generously for taking care of their parents. You'd be surprised. You'll have to cook a little, clean (a lot), do laundry, talk to them and such. Basically, keep them alive by making them feel alive.

My con - Everyone who knows me knows that the elderly make me more nervous than the children. Any cough, randomly shouted obscenity. . .pretty much anything unscheduled will freak me out and lead me to think they might die on me and I couldn't live with that. I'm also not the biggest fan of giving baths to people I'm not related to, or people period.

4.) Ebay or other selling sites - Everyone collects something, even if it's dust. If you have a collector's item that would be lucrative to sell or if you can make something that others would buy (ie: baked goods, clothes) why not get paid for it?

My con - The only thing I can sell that I own are all of my Sims 2 expansion packs or Hello Kitty memorabilia. None of which, at age 21, I'm ready to part with.

5.) Bartending! - If you have money to spare to pay for some classes, bartending can be a very respectable side hustle, and it comes with tips. I have a few friends who are helping make ends meet by doing this. Get certified and apply everywhere, even if you need to embellish on your experience to land some gigs.

My con - I don't have a big con for this one, actually :) My only fear is that my personality will be over-shadowed by the skimpy outfits I'll be forced to wear (or force myself to wear) to get big tips. Oh, and I'm not a night person.

I don't know, folks. I'm thinking of being a professional scrap-booker. People pay for that, right?


  1. I understand the thing about kids. It feels nice when you give them back to their parents.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting my bloggy.


  2. i love your blog. i feel you on this topic. i am looking for job number 3. i too want to hsve a carrie lifestyle. um i am happy you stopped by my page i wouldn't have found your awesome blog.

  3. Nhya you're just too cute lol <3


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