Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

March has only just begun and I was already preparing myself for the inevitable malarkey coming my way since February 29th. It's not all bad though - February was the shortest yet most annoying month for me. Packages stolen, debit card fraud, missed opportunities . . if I were any other kind of person I'd be seriously depressed right now but what's the point?

One thing has helped lift my spirits: The Hunger Games. The book was suggested to me not because of the movie (which, btw, I have already made plans to pre-order tickets for), but because someone else who isn't to read thought I would like it. Oh, and do I ever.

Is it bad that I contemplated calling out of work this week so I could try to finish a book in one day? I don't think I've ever hated working more. If I were in college I'd just skip my class or call in sick. For some reason money isn't as important as finding out how a book ends to me. Someone needs to get her priorities in order.

Other weekday pick-me-uppers:

• Nice weather! It was nearly 70 degrees on Wednesday! You know what that means. . . I can wear my whore-ish clothes again :) Or not. Since it's still technically winter. But a girl can dream.

• A couple of friends who I haven't spoken to in a while actually reached out to me. Shout out to you if you know who you are ;)

A new layout! Do ya like it? I'm going to go ahead and thank Courtney for doing it for me! I still have some small tweaks I want to make, that I'm too lazy to do right now but by Sunday we'll be good to go.

• Oh, and this

How has your week been going? Did this cupcake photo help?