Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos, Gems!

So today marks the 15th year my baby brother and sister and favorite Geminis (aka "The Twins") have been on this earth. It's pretty insane how quickly they grow up. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

This is them at age. . . err. A while ago. They were babies. And they were BAD.

And this is them now . .

Siajah. And some boy who's arm shouldn't be around her cuz she's TOO YOUNG.

See what I mean?? When did they grow up?

Apparently they're too cool to go by their government names on Facebook so Siajah is "Sage" to you and Siyed is "Teddy", lol.

Happy 15th Birthday, Munchkins!
Do me a favor and. . .

• Graduate college
• Don't get arrested. Or pregnant.
• Don't drive mommy crazy. Seriously, once you guys are out - she's free. She's so close.
• Say no to drugs and all that.
• Keep pursuing those dreams and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
• Be better than me. Well, try to :P

Sidenote to readers: I will check out blogs, respond to comments, follow back, etc. probably Monday-ish. It's been a busy weekend. I lost my damn mind at Victoria's Secret Semi-annual sale today and tonight I'm in the city. I however, did not forget about y'all! Thanks for the support! Oh, and I'mma finish my challenge, lol. I'm like. . .a week behind. Whatever.


  1. Happy birthday to your twin siblings! I love your advice for them, very sensible, and these two kids are so lucky to have a big sis like you.

  2. Hahah thanks :) I think they're pretty lucky too!


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