Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Not-So-New-Years Resolutions

I don't want to call these my New Years Resolutions because these are not new resolutions. A lot of these are actually repeats *shrugs*. I could tell you about my usual resolutions like "reading more", "getting a promotion", and my ever-popular "finally get that license!", but those are tired. So here are the real little things I'd like to say I did by the end of 2012.

1.) Learn more about the world around me. For example: it would be nice to really know what's going on with the upcoming election. Do I really care? Nope. Will I deliberately start debates about it? Absolutely.

2.) Get my own Netflix account. It's not that I'm not happy using my boyfriend and roommate's, but there's something liberating about knowing you're watching your own Netflix with your own extremely descriptive favorite movies coming up. Clearly "supernatural thrillers with a strong female lead" is ALL me.

3.) Continue to get carded at every bar, restaurant, and rated-R movie I go to. Makes me feel young again.

4.) Hit the gym like it's going out of style. I've been doing it so far, but I can step it up. Like a lot. And now that I'm getting paid to look good, why wouldn't I keep it up? An elongated "daaaaamn" once and a while doesn't hurt either.

5.) Meet one of my followers. I'm usually somewhat wary about being new people, especially on the internet but this blog has turned out better than I've expected (just being honest here). I'd love to meet a follower from NY for lunch or coffee or something. And obviously, I'd blog about it RIGHT after. It would only be right :]

6.) Spend my usual time on Youtube learning how to do new nail designs, hairstyles and supporting emerging internet talent. You'd be surprised what Youtube has done for me lately.

7.) Develop a stronger relationship with Angel. If you don't already know, I name all of my electronics. My laptop's name is Miracle and my iPhone 4s is Angel. Angel and I have only met recently and there's still a whole lot more I need to learn about him.

You should know that I'll continue to be on my grind in 2012, because it's a part of who I am. These "resolutions" are just bound to help make the ride fun along the way.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've been Tagged!

Little Miss Wii has tagged me in this survey-like post and although it's a bit late, it IS done ;) I'm tagging everyone, but it's up to you for if you'd like to fill it out. It's just another way to tell your followers more about you.


1. Walgreens Cosmetics Beauty Advisor (Haha. Good times during teenage years *rolls eyes*)
2. Resident Assistant
3. Editorial Intern at this awesome site that I've loved all my life.
4. Building Manager


1. Step Brothers
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Now and Then
4. Clueless


I've only lived in New York, so I'll write places I've visited. Warning: It's nothing too impressive. I lead a much more exciting life in my mind where I'm pretty much the female Indiana Jones.

1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. Jamaica
4. Virginia


1. Sex and The City (yes, reruns)
2. Charmed (yes, reruns)
3. True Blood
4. The Office


Oops...Okay, please see letter 'C'...

1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. Jamaica
4. Virginia


1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Bank of America (I don't wanna talk about it, lol)


1. Shrimp
2. Salmon
3. Cupcakes of all kinds
4. Lasagna


1. Bed.
2. With him.
3. Jamaica!
4. Disney World. I've never been!


1. Curve, for Men.
2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
3. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush "Strawberry Fizz"
4. Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy"


1. Les Miserables
2. Rent
3. Chicago
4. Moulin Rouge


1. Hopefully
2. All
3. Of
4. You! :D


1. Maya Angelou
2. Paul Walker - I just want to hold his hand! 
3. Mickey Mouse (at Disney. Which I still really want to visit.)
4. N/A


1. Dancing to the music in my head
2. My friends/Family
3. Shopping 
4. Delicious Food


1. My J-Money 
2. My family
3. My friends
4. My followers! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why the Real World doesn't care if you were Prom Queen

After spending an extended weekend back home in the 'burbs for Thanksgiving, I took full advantage of my time with my twin little brother and sister and reminisced about my high school days. They're going through the insignificant but common teen stage where they just want to fit in yet want to stand out - but in a good way. It's all "so very complicated" and I "just don't understand". Talking to them about what they really want out of life, their feasible hopes and dreams or even something that isn't on BET's 106 & Park is kind of like trying to teach yourself sign language. It's a cool idea at first, but then you realize that you might only use what you learn maybe twice again in your life if you're lucky. And no one will be impressed.

My biggest message to them was that who they are in high school (they're 15) will in no way, shape or form dictate who they'll become in 10 years. Unless, of course, they're on heavy drugs or currently dealing with teen pregnancies, which neither of them are. I wanted them to know that they had time to think about how they wanted to be perceived by the world. If you're not planning on going pro, it won't matter if you played varsity or JV lacrosse in high school. Yes, you'll meet some great people and learn the value of teamwork but said people probably won't associate themselves with you after you graduate. Sorry, but it is what it is. There are those rare occasions when you actually do keep in touch with your highschool buddies, though . . .do any of you guys still speak to people from when you were younger? I'll wait.

I figured the sooner they came to terms with this, the better. I know how important it is to be liked when you're surrounded by your highly judgmental peers on a daily basis but I promised them these people will not matter. Your junior prom queen may have it all together now spending daddy's money and struttin' a body that's about 5 years too developed but after you graduate, no one really cares if you were prom queen.

Trust me, I know.

No, I was not prom queen - ew! But I am incredibly perceptive and great at starting conversations. I did a crapload in both high school and college, made friends with the people who were "destined for success" and can I tell you that the only people who really care what you did in high school are the unfortunates you'll find frequenting the same bars? In that case, and that case only, being an alleged prom queen may get you a few drinks.

I tried explaining this to them and do you know what my little brother told me?

He asked me to post his tumblr on my blog. Apparently, he's "Tumblr Famous".

I wanted to go on a rant about how no one cares if you're 'tumblr famous' either but then I remembered that they are the next generation. Maybe they care. For now at least.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My first scandalous award

Haha ;)

The side of me that you guys read about the most is usually the jokester, overly emotional, Hello Kitty and True Blood obsessed good girl. Don't act like you have already passed judgement. But this award? This award is going to show you a different me, because someone in the blogging world wants to f*ck me
And I'm honored.

Okay, well she actually wants to make me her famous chocolate chip cookies and hold hands with me, but that's basically my idea of 3rd base so we're pretty much going all the way. Check out Allie's page and if you fall in love with her like I did don't say I didn't warn you. She's the kind of girl your mother warned you about.

I only chose a handful but just because you're not tagged it does not mean I wouldn't hit it/I don't love your blog. Remember that! So without further adieu. . .

My "Hit" List:

Wii - She's freaking adorable in so many ways. We have a bit of a blogger romance already, so naturally this is the next step.
Femmes With Benefits - There are THREE of them, ya'll, so I'd pretty much have a free for all.
Max - Max gives good blog. Take it from someone who has gotten good blog from her on more than one occasion ;)
Andrea - I've asked Andrea to marry me and she has accepted. Why we haven't been intimate yet is beyond me.
Lady K - She's a MILF and now she's a BILF too! Check her out and you'll see why.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TEHYF Tuesdays: The countdown to Thanksgiving

So loves. . .
*bashfully kicks at pebbles on the ground with her head down*

The Apology.

I know I made enormous promises about a kick-ass costume and even had you vote on it (don't hate me!). I'll have you know that I had every intention of going out for Halloween with your comments in mind, but what I didn't intend on dealing with was a man named Sam. Uncle Sam.

Long story short - Halloween did not go as planned due to lack of funds and an emotional breakdown about said lack of funds. By now you should know I'm dramatic so my emotional breakdown consisted of me spending the night watching scary movies alone on Netflix as a punishment to myself, eating cookies, and avoiding trick-or-treaters at all costs. I was pretty much a Halloween Grinch, only more b*tchy. A Brinch, if you will. It happens.

Next year I should just sell-out and go as a sexy bunny or something. Grab some rabbit ears, a belly shirt, tight jeans and call it a day. Being creative is expensive.

My roommates, however, had a great time. They can do last minute costumes better than anyone I know.

One is a Scottish Man and one is a. . .sandwich?
5 Things I've realized this week.

1.) I don't know enough about Greek mythology, and I want to. After watching "Immortals" and having a very heated debate about symbolism that didn't actually exist in it, I realized this.

2.) Dieting or eating healthy in general becomes a lot easier when your roommates are health nuts. Like ALOT easier.

3.) Dare I say it . . .I miss La Madre. How many more days until Thanksgiving?!

4.) If my 15-year-old twin siblings don't tell me about a popular song, there's a good chance I will never know about it. I'm becoming one of those people. Those of you who don't already know - I don't have cable because a.) Hello, money. b.) My roomies and I don't watch enough of it and c.) It's kind of ironic and funny considering where I work.

5.) I have never not wanted kids more than I haven't wanted kids this week. Between work and people with bratty kids on the street it's like the universe has been screaming at me to not get crazy. Now I've never expressed interest in having a kid now (not for a whiiiiiile), but I have to give it up to any and all of my followers who do have children. You guys rock!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You know when something isn't a good idea but you do it anyway?

Yeah, that happens to me sometimes.

There might be a psychological term for this and if there is, I have a very mild form of it. It's kind of like when you do something just to see what could happen even though you know there's 99% chance it's going to end badly, but you do it just for that 1% that something crazy good could happen? You like your odds anyway.

I was having that inner battle with myself the weekend I encountered my first real-life bar right. Please, hold the applause. I feel compelled to say now that I wasn't actually in the bar fight, per se. Being in it would imply I threw punches or took punches and homie don't even play that. Not in platforms, anyway.
The Bar Fight.

My college friend who I call "Country" (although she hates that because she swears Baltimore isn't "The South". Baltimore is the south and Westchester is upstate. It just is) came to visit for homecoming weekend so her, one of The Roomates, and myself decided to wander around Astoria and find something to get into. Country, whether she wanted to believe it or not, needed to be exposed to the city and I was going to be the friend to do that for her. This was the night I realized how heavily populated by hispanics my area is - specifically hispanic men. Specifically middle-aged hispanic men. I guess I should have noticed that on my last outing but fishbowl drinks, no dinner, and wine will have you thinking everyone's a Casanova.

We did our "rounds", which included us visiting our go-to clubs, but when we noticed that we didn't like the crowd, aka there weren't enough free drink offers and we weren't in the same incapacitated state as the first time we went there, we needed to find a more lively scene. This would have been a problem easily solved by going to a more lively club, but I had other plans.

There's this place that always plays good music but never has anyone in there nearby so I convince them we should check it out on our way to a new spot just so we can listen to the music for a bit. As we approach the restaraunt/club we see that the bartenders are wearing underwear (full bra and panties sets) and the guests have got to to be their cousins, brothers, and relatives of some kind because everyone looks alike.  This should have triggered the "don't go in there" alarm, and it did - until someone mentioned an open tab and us being more than welcomed to use it...

At that point it was kind of unanimous that we were going in there.

First problem - The music cuts off as soon as we enter and everyone stares at us. I joke around and ask if we're being punk'd but no one answers. I probably should have left here too.

Next problem - My friends are sending me all types of signals that it's time for us to get out of there. Country is visibly uncomfortable while this short hispanic man whispers sweet nothings in her ear, or rather . . .slobbers in her ear. It wasn't a pretty sight, but I figured we'd oblige and be social for five more minutes and then I'd say I was feeling sick and needed to get home asap. I didn't have much of a problem with the guys because I had my "f*ck off" face. You know the one.

I will say that the one good thing about the bar was that they had this awesome kareoke machine, and I really can't pass up karaoke. 

Just as I'm considering stepping up to the mic, Country's inebriated "date"gets mad because his friend pulled off his toupee (I don't make this up. It happens). He very sloppily throws the first punch with a near-miss to my friend's face and I take this as the most obvious cue for us to leave. 

Third problem? - The door is blocked by everyone that's trying to break up this fight so I literally duck and dodge my way to the entrance only to have the bartender signal the owner to block us from leaving. Why? Because those "free drinks" weren't so free after all.

I'm sorry? There's a fight in your establishment with some old man who offered to buy us free drinks and you're HALF-NAKED, but the problem here is that we're trying to leave? Go sit down.

Of course as soon as we're going to leave, the guys decide to make nice (???!!!!) and look at us like "Where do you think you're going"? So now we're the bad guys, and b*tch Nhya has to come out. Just grrrreeeeeatttt.

I size up the situation. Those two guys could barely fight each other, so I'd say Country, my roommate and I have a decent chance if it comes down to it. Then there's the whole issue of my platforms. I decide that the responsible thing to do is convince the owner that he doesn't want to keep us because we're not paying no matter what he says, I could have him locked up for selling alcohol to us minors (Not true, but whatever) and his drunk old man friend is the one he needs to talk to about the tab. It works.

I'd tell you the name of the place, but it's not worth it. Just know I won't be going back.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The best is yet to come

In my last entry I wrote about a little bit about all of the f*ckery happening in my life. Let's be honest, people love to read about f*ckery. People love to laugh at other's misfortune or offer advice, and I respect that and hell, even feed into it. But today? Today Nhya's f*ckery will take a little rest. It'll be back soon though. Promise.

I've always thought that life after college would be a new adventure and that it has been. I wasn't sure if the adventure would be good or bad though, since my post graduate mind put myself in a sink or swim situation. It was all good though - I'm the kind of person who can test myself and be okay with it. Lately I've had a lot of time (shocker, right?) to think about what has gotten me to where I am today. I've done a little reflecting and thought about the people and life occurrences that have helped shape me into, well, me. Carrymel, Nhya, whatever you'd like to call me. I am so grateful for every single one of those things. The doubters, the haters, but most importantly, my appreciators. I have gotten to meet so many people that have added to my life or taught me a lesson of some sort - even the seasonal people, I'm happy they were here for the time they were.

And the best part about this life journey I'm still on? The best is yet to come.

I know I owe you a Halloween-esque Post, and it's on its way! I will say that my Halloween ended up not going according to plan though. . .

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tell 'em how you feel Tuesdays: Woman of her word

Oh, how I've missed blogging.

I won't say I've missed writing though, because I do that 24-freakin-7 at my job, but it's what I love to do. I have plans of quietly stalking all of your blogs during the week though so look out for comments from me on posts you made a week ago, haha.

Some things:

- Thanks to everyone who voted! Now, I'll admit that at first the vote was just to see if any of you agreed with the decision I had secretly already made in my mind - who doesn't like reassurance? - but I'm going to hold up to my word because the more comments I read, the more convinced I was. This Halloween I'm going with the winning votes and I'll be dressing as Storm from X-men (15 votes) AND Dionne from Clueless (6 votes) (with my roommates who agreed to do the rest of the trio with me! Love those chicks.)

Meet Cher, Dionne, and Tye. Before Costumes.
- Because Halloween happens to fall on the same weekend as when I plan to get my new iBrain, I'll be tweeting about all the debauchery, apparently 4x as fast as I use to.

- This past weekend was my first homecoming as an alumni! It was a different vibe, as I expected, but I loved being able to see everyone and hear how they are doing. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago I was still in school. Actually, scratch that. Since most of my furniture in my apartment is from college, the living situation still kind of feels the same.

- I will officially be spending Christmas in Florida! I've never spent a holiday away from my immediate family but there's a first time for everything.

There are other things I'd love to share with you all such as how damn hard it is to keep friends after college, why I hate the N/Q line, and my first bar fight but I'll save that for a rainy day. Or tomorrow.