Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tell 'em how you feel Tuesdays: True Blood is back!

I don't know if any of you guys follow True Blood (and if you don't, lo siento, but you really need to). . . I'm a huge fan. I missed Sunday's new episode and had to catch it online but since I've been behind 2 seasons, I now have absolutely no idea what's going on.

I've decided to start something called 'Tell em how you feel Tuesdays' (similar to What's all the hype about), which will pretty much be my time to do just that - tell people how I feel. Obviously no names will be used, but it'll be general shout-outs.

Me and my linesister/roomie. . .pondering our forehead sizes.

• I need to get to a dentist, like yesterday.

• I am not the favorite person of a few people today but I'm learning that apologizing isn't going to get me anywhere and I've never been one to grovel.

• My birthday is coming up (July 27th!) and I have no clue what to do for it. I'm thinking that it needs to be something grown up, since I'm turning 22 and all. . .

• Once my birthday does come that means the summer is over and Nhya either needs to move into an apartment or move back home. Yikes.

Urban Outfitters is having a sale and I need to get there immediately. Am I late?

• Speaking of sales and shopping in general - I just found out about Urbanog.com (don't judge!) and I know where I'm getting my bday shoes from. Found the below romper there too.
• My whole "summer dieting" thing has been really lax and I need to pick it up if I want to get to my goal weight.

Sidenote: Thanks for all those comments on the Iced Tea Post, lmao. I'm glad y'all get my sense of humor!


  1. hey sweety happy bday to you! sorry for late, late is better than never right? :p
    btw thankyou for your sweet comments on my blog, it means alot for me ;)

  2. Happy Belated BDAY!!!

    loved true blood!!!!!!!!!! just watched episode 2 online. saw ep 1 in atl.

  3. Lol aww thanks guys but my bday is in JULY haha. Oh well - you're early! ;D

  4. Oh my goodness, Can I tell you how much in love I am with your page? Especially the bluntness of your banner. "Once upon a time no body gave a f*ck. So she wrote about it." I seriously love reading what I'm reading so far on your blog. I try to find blogs that aren't all about materialistic things and more about people sharing their thoughts... it's always interesting and a good intake of daily reading for myself also. I
    ll be sure to wish you a happy birthday when the time comes ;)


  5. I love your bluntness. And you're only turning 22? Lucky you, I'm starting to feel old lol.

  6. My summer dieting is a complete fail too. After my getaway, I gained weight. I need serious motivation!


  7. TRUE BLOOD!!!!!! i lOVE IT!!!
    even if in italy it comes like 3 months later than you! so i always watch it in english on megavideo because i can not really wait :D !!!

    Syriously in Fashion

  8. Your turning 22, wow, I'm turning 21. I am not excited at all lol.
    True BLood.. I'm more of a Smallville girl *drool over Tom Welling* and I love TWILIGHT!...
    with the summer body goal. exercising is good but you don't need to do 2hours cardio... just refrain from MCdz, especially since the ice tea incident x

  9. Thanks for you comment sweetie! :)
    enter my giveaway!http://fashion-is-forever.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-first-giveaway.html

  10. I love true blood! its finally back! you have to catch up with those two season if you want to understand the rest properly..
    I was mena to get healthier habbit and exercise but that hasnt been happening much :/. .

    ps: i think u need to activate your spam?!

  11. Hey thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love your blog and sense of humor.

    I have only seen a few episodes of True Blood and loved it. Unfortunantely with school and work I don't have much time for TV :(. And don't feel bad about the dieting thing. I joined a gym and still eat bad. O well, I blame it on being young.

  12. Happy birthday for then! havent seen True blood but heard its good so I really should check it out...


  13. Hey Melly MEL! Lol.. Hope you don't mind the nickname.

    Just a reminder, we are teaming up with Ms. Deja of NoBoizAllowed.com (NBA) and hosting a relationship chat later tonight on the site. We hope to see you there. 8pm Eastern time. The chat will be located at the top of the homepage, where the music videos usally are. I'm sure YOU know where that is. LOL ;)


    Sojo ; FWB (www.femmeswithbenefits.com)

  14. I'm a on and off True Blood fan but I try and keep up with it, they always have a good storyline.

    Definitely get to the dentist you don't want to wait too long(another tip try brushing your teeth at an angle so that you hit the wedge in between the your teeth and your gums)

    Happy Belated Born Day and NEVER grovel

  15. Cool show.

    It's getting a repetitive a little bit now but I like it.

    Que The Lights
    QTL Images

  16. I've been abandoning my summer diet as well. It's so hard to stick to one, isn't it? Every day feels like a holiday!

    Watched the second half of True Blood season 2 with my friends the other day; before that I had not seen any other episodes. It was...interesting.

  17. I have just awarded you 'the best blog award'.. you can check it on my last post! :)

  18. Lovely blog, would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  19. oh wow i've never heard of that site either you posted about thanks for posting! :D

  20. OMG we share the same birthday!!! yay for 7/27 leo's baby!!! as always love your blog.

  21. I could not wait for True Blood to start, the first episode was alllllright....but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. I cannot believe how Tara is rolling now...wowooowow. Surprised and not all at the same time.

    Maybe throw a party, grown and sexy at a club??? You have lots of time to plan it's still early. SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET! don't talk of such things :( lol

    PS..never heard of that site either but it's now bookmarked!



  22. I really like the way you pen things down. It is cool.

  23. Ok actually I don't follow it, but I do need to. I actually need new shows to start following because I keep reminiscing about the old WB days with like, Charmed and One Tree Hill, Seventh Heaven, etc... Seriously I need something to fill this void. And PS the title of your blog made me LoLoL :P xxx


  24. Yay!! true blood is coming back! I'm such a huge fan of it :)

    I left you four awards on my blog, come to get them!



  25. @Viralitis • lol thank youuuu :) Glad someone appreciates it! I like blogs like that as well – I love blogs where they talk about their lives and you get to know them better. That’s the beauty of the blog world!

    @ASMJ • aww, no. I feel old lol. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. Maybe 25? I hear that’s fun!

    @Haze • We should motivate each other! Every time I go out I can’t control myself. I feel weird spending money on healthy things I don’t enjoy.

    @Syrious • Wow, 3 months later? What the heck! Well, I’ll probably be behind on it like you because I’m trying to watch all seasons over since I’m totally lost right now.

    @MsNana • Ahh you’re a baby :P I wish I could be turning 21 again. I think I’m going to start counting backwards. I never really got into Smallville and I can’t with Twilight. It’s weird . . .you’d think I’d actually like more vamp shows *shrugs*. I’m going to refrain from fast food in general. & Thanks for the advice! 2 hours or cardio a week or a day? O.O

    @Lupe • I’ll check it out if it’s not too late!

    @Lil Miss Sauniya • Thanks for the award hun! I love it :] And yes – I have activated my spam. I think :\ haha.

    @induetime • Thanks for the comment! I never use to have time for watching shows during the school year but now that it’s over, I have nothing but time on my hands. I’d like to blame my lack of dieting on being young too but what happens when my metabolism is out of control? :(

    @Amber • Definitely see it! Thanks for commenting :)

    @SOJO • Love the nickname, haha. I’m so mad I missed the chat! I was out running the streets of NYC but I will NOT miss the next one!

    @BigbruhBT • That’s exactly why I like watching it! The storyline is awesome to me. . .very overtly sexual and bloody, but I can still dig it.

    @Xay • I guess it can get repetitive. . but it doesn’t take much to please me lol.

    @Shane • Hahaha interesting is definitely a word to describe it but if you don’t know what happened previously (like me), you’re going to be totally lost.

    @Marielleheart • Of course we can! :) thanks for visiting!

    @ilsteviewonder • yayy now you’ve got new sites! :D

    @Rose • Do we really?! Gosh, we’re amazing. Lol.

    @Empress • YO! I was so confused to see Tara! I was like, “I couldn’t have missed THAT much”! Lol But ya know what. . .I coulda seen that coming. This is an HBO thing, afterall.

    & Idk, I’m so great at attending parties but not so good at planning one lol. I think I’d need someone else to take the reigns on that. Thanks for visiting, hun!

    @Paps <3

    @Molto • OMG, I miss Charmed so much. That was my show and so was 7th Heaven. Glad you like the title ;)

    @Marta • Thanksssss <3 ! Love itttt.


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