Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can you imagine?

This is pretty awful. . .

The NY Times reports that all cigarette packets produced after September 2012 will now have these lovely pictures covering part of the front and back:

You know, to make smokers feel even worse about their addiction. And to repulse passerbys.

I'm not a smoker, and I understand the point behind these labels, but damn. It got me thinking about my "addictions." I was talking to my roomie this morning about de-toxifying ourselves and going on a no-drinking, no-coffee de-tox for a month or so. Now, I'm no where near addicted to drinking or coffee (I'm pretty much a social drinker and coffee tastes good to me once and a while), but suppose they put disturbing labels on something that I'm semi-hooked on?

Like, I don't know. . .shopping.

Imagine if there were little pictures on price tags of clothes and shoes showing a family broken apart because of compulsive shopping. Or a girl like me, homeless and missing teeth, but still decked out in new items. It's a little dramatic, but I don't know how I'd feel about that. I also don't know that I would stop. Lol - is that bad?

But in all seriousness, what do you guys think of these labels? Would it deter you from smoking or would you cover up the pic and slip out the cig?

Sidenote: How cute is this? I figured this would detract from the hideous pics you just saw.


  1. Is that bottom picture a cake?? Whatever it is it's super cute

    I personally feel the pictures are pretty scary...and who knows it might actually do some good. But I know for me that I never grasp anything until it affects my health and I feel it affecting me. Sounds stupid and I am working on it but it's true. I could see these ads working for people who don't smoke because they haven't started the addiction.

    Addictions are pretty hard to break.

  2. I watched the news report on it, smokers say it won't deter them, they know they're killing themselves. Like what!? People are nuts lol so no I dont think there's a substantial effect at all

  3. I agree 100%. the choice is theirs & no one wants to see those pictures lined up behind the customer service desk at Walmart. Like come on.
    Forever Chic,


  4. Umm those pictures are extremely disturbing as I take an extra long sip of my coffee. No I do not want to see pictures of people picking coffee beans which are still harvested by hand for little to no money - not pictures of people suffering with headaches etc. We are well aware in 2011 of what we are doing to ourselves and what choices we are making.

  5. I wholeheartedly support these new labels for cigarette boxes, but I really don't think they will do much good. Centuries and decades ago people smoked tobacco without knowing the risks. Nowadays, everyone knows the risk but they continue to do it anyway. If anything, perhaps they will deter people who are just starting to smoke. So yeah, thumbs up all around.

  6. I am a smoker and when I saw they were going to do this, It didnt make me think..oh I should really quit. (I think that every second of everyday) but, it made me think of how embarassed I am to be a smoker. I will be mortified pulling out a pack in front of someone. I already am, but more so now.

    I think its great, and I hope it does stop any new children or adults from smoking. Maybe over time it will get to me. I dont know. Its my crutch now...I hope someday I find the strength to stop. For now, Ill have to close my eyes when I pull out a pack.

  7. Following you! thank you xx Joice

  8. I think most of the people don't care about these pictures, I think they do know what they are doing and the do know that's not the best for their bodies but they are addicted to it.
    When they started to print the 'warning' sign on the package here in Germany there was exactly the same discussion about it. And I notices that the people just didn't care about it ...


  9. oh wow. i am not really sure what to think about these stuff anymore. i mean cigarette is bad for your health people know that, if you are trying to get people to stop smoking, stop selling..simple. But i guess thats going to have an effect on the economy. i unfortunately doubt its going to make a huge difference for smokers, its an addiction. :/
    When it come to addiction like shopping, i think its a bit different because clothes are actually a necessity, having a similar image would affect non addict too, but well..

  10. yeah i've heard about this. My dad smokes and lots of family also smokes. They know its bad for them. My dads had a a heart attack before and he still smokes. I think it might scare some people and others who are immune or ignorant to it wont care. I kind of like the idea for those that it would wake up.

  11. Ahh...I dislike these labels and don't think they will work on existing smokers...but I do think they can probably help deter

  12. LOVED THIS POST! and LOVE THIS BLOG!! Now following you my dear


  13. Coming back to comment, but just letting you know we're going to feature you in our links section!!! PS: If you want to post the chartroom ad on your blog, feel free to. (You don't have to btw, just saying).

    Thanks for all your support.

    Brb - going to finish m HW.

    Kimberly, FWB

  14. Hello!
    Yep, all are photos of Bey! She's pretty much been on every cover of July magazines...

    & I smoke, & super sad to say those labels aren't going to stop me from smoking. However it should! I need to stop! Its not cute...It was never cute.

    xo $ARMIN

  15. Yayy! Thanks for the responses you guys! :D

    I noticed a lot of you think that the labels won't stop people who are already smokers and I happen to agree. If it's an addiction that people are already accustomed to, a little picture isn't going to stop them, y'know? I do, however agree with those of you who believe it will turn off the younger set.

  16. Oh and Melissa, it is a cake! A cake that I freakin' love and want.

  17. Unnnnfffooorrrttuunnnaatteeellly, I agree with these labels. They ARE alarming, but America is one of the countries with death that occurs due to self-indulges. It's a wake up call, but it will save plenty of lives. So, I'm down for it. Cigarettes & Alcohol are pretty "effective" things. They can have a major effect to your health which will in turn effect the amount of time you will be alive. I say: "Someone has to tell you" because the enablers (like family & friends) won't. Save a life, by any means possible =]. We never want to hear it ... but like the old saying goes: "What doesn't feel good to you [or LOOK in this case], is usually what's good for you".

    Kimberly, FWB

  18. I used to be a smoker and now I find it disgusting, but I can't believe how graphic these photos are.. and they're gunna be on cigarette packages.. crazy! I'm soo glad I quit!

    xo katie elizabeth

  19. I cannot tell a lie, I'm a smoker. There have been far more disgusting pictures on cigarette packets in Australia for quite some time. People don't ask for cigarettes by brand name anymore, they say things like "could I please have a packet of bad for kids and a pack of statistics?... what, you've only got gangrenous cancer-mouth left? Okay, one of those and a green cigarette case thanks..."

    The tragic thing for young'uns is that after one or two, they will say "I can stop anytime I want."
    But with all drugs and alcohol, it's often a rite of passage. How do we picture that?


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