Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TEHYF Tuesdays: The countdown to Thanksgiving

So loves. . .
*bashfully kicks at pebbles on the ground with her head down*

The Apology.

I know I made enormous promises about a kick-ass costume and even had you vote on it (don't hate me!). I'll have you know that I had every intention of going out for Halloween with your comments in mind, but what I didn't intend on dealing with was a man named Sam. Uncle Sam.

Long story short - Halloween did not go as planned due to lack of funds and an emotional breakdown about said lack of funds. By now you should know I'm dramatic so my emotional breakdown consisted of me spending the night watching scary movies alone on Netflix as a punishment to myself, eating cookies, and avoiding trick-or-treaters at all costs. I was pretty much a Halloween Grinch, only more b*tchy. A Brinch, if you will. It happens.

Next year I should just sell-out and go as a sexy bunny or something. Grab some rabbit ears, a belly shirt, tight jeans and call it a day. Being creative is expensive.

My roommates, however, had a great time. They can do last minute costumes better than anyone I know.

One is a Scottish Man and one is a. . .sandwich?
5 Things I've realized this week.

1.) I don't know enough about Greek mythology, and I want to. After watching "Immortals" and having a very heated debate about symbolism that didn't actually exist in it, I realized this.

2.) Dieting or eating healthy in general becomes a lot easier when your roommates are health nuts. Like ALOT easier.

3.) Dare I say it . . .I miss La Madre. How many more days until Thanksgiving?!

4.) If my 15-year-old twin siblings don't tell me about a popular song, there's a good chance I will never know about it. I'm becoming one of those people. Those of you who don't already know - I don't have cable because a.) Hello, money. b.) My roomies and I don't watch enough of it and c.) It's kind of ironic and funny considering where I work.

5.) I have never not wanted kids more than I haven't wanted kids this week. Between work and people with bratty kids on the street it's like the universe has been screaming at me to not get crazy. Now I've never expressed interest in having a kid now (not for a whiiiiiile), but I have to give it up to any and all of my followers who do have children. You guys rock!


  1. HAHAHA - your last comment about kids are too funny. They can be quite a handful and I know from first hand experience because I have 2 ;)

  2. Hi dear, your blog is so interesting and you write really well. I am loving the design and header, did you create it?

  3. The Brinch? Really? Lol, hey Carrymel, I'm really trying to start off trying to meet new people in this "blogging" world ^^. I didn't really have a decent "Candy Night" holiday myself.. the only candy I had in my face was the ones I were selling at school :/ well Thanks Giving's coming up, so watcha gonna do? Hopefully I'm gonna smash all day ^^

    Happy Blogging (and Holidays) :D

  4. I love how you are one of "those" people who don't know the popular songs. Mr. A is like that, too. Unless I talk about it, he won't know.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Nhya I'm one of THOSE people too! HAHA Girl, shit happens! Don't worry about it. Take care of you! :D

  6. YESSSSS. I loved this story.

    Atta girl.

  7. Hey, brinchy, brinchy. Sounds like you are coming down with the home-sick, holiday "la fièvre" for the fam! This is my first year being away from my mother (Oh, the world of adulthood) and I feel the same way. There was a time when i had TOO much of her, and now, I feel like I don't have enough "/

    As for you number 2- I realized a long time ago that being healthy is expensive. It's ironic, so to speak since being healthy means unprocessed foods and fewer calories. I'm guessing healthy eating is a trend- thus the laws of "supply & demand" apply to it? "Raise" the price since everyone wants to be a health-nut? At least your roommates are supplying all the lemon grass and gouda cheese you need.


    Sojo, FWB

  8. fun post! :D

    come check out my blog to :)



  9. Aww! I totally know that feeling -- when your imagination cost more than what your bank account has. It's cool girl, I stayed in too, with a bucket full of bugs and worms for anyone who DARED to knock on my door even after reading my "RUN AWAY FAST" sign.

    Okay, maybe I didn't do all that, but I'm trying to be that friend who can easily empathize. LOL.

    But I didn't do anything either and just stayed in. Nothing wrong with missing holidays you usually ALWAYS participate in ;]. So think positively about it and know that you didn't miss a thing. That dancing video was more than what CLUELESS or STORM could serve us! HAHA!

    We'll pick Carrymel over them anyday!

    -swings hair and 'beyonce' walks away-.

  10. Haha... The Brinch... I like the the term, Nhya! I shall keep that in mind cuz sometimes there are just days when I wake up and whoa, things just don't seem to agree with me and I end up with a foul mood the whole day! Now I know what to call myself when that time comes up lol.

    And lol... When I came home from my Australia trip, I didn't know knack of the popular songs as well! My sis had to "reorient" me to mainstream music cuz I was living the hermit life over there! I couldn't keep myself updated with youtube cuz they have a different scheme of charging you using the internet over there! So yeah, I had to say goodbye to youtube for a while, what a nightmare lol!

    Hope everything's going well over at your end, girl. And don't worry, Thanksgiving's just around the bend, you'll get to spend more quality time with La Madre soon enough :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  11. Dude, I am never up on new music. I always just tell people that I'm too old to know what the kids are listening to these days.. even though I'm all of 21. I'm just so stuck in the 90s.. it's a good place. :)

    Sucks that you didn't have funds for Halloween. I made due with a can of blue hair spray and a shift at work.. not much better. My bank account is crying these days.

    Have an awesome Thanksgiving! :)

  12. I'm becoming one of those people too. Last year I kept up with the Top 40, even though so much of it sounds like recycled crap on top of recycled crap, but this year? Nope. Clueless. I also don't have cable because, hello, money. And if you have the Internets, cable becomes unnecessary lol.

    I'm late to this party, but I hope that your money struggles evened out. It's never fun when Uncle Sam decides it's time for a handout...and he's the one with his hand out.



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