Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tell 'em how you feel Tuesdays: Woman of her word

Oh, how I've missed blogging.

I won't say I've missed writing though, because I do that 24-freakin-7 at my job, but it's what I love to do. I have plans of quietly stalking all of your blogs during the week though so look out for comments from me on posts you made a week ago, haha.

Some things:

- Thanks to everyone who voted! Now, I'll admit that at first the vote was just to see if any of you agreed with the decision I had secretly already made in my mind - who doesn't like reassurance? - but I'm going to hold up to my word because the more comments I read, the more convinced I was. This Halloween I'm going with the winning votes and I'll be dressing as Storm from X-men (15 votes) AND Dionne from Clueless (6 votes) (with my roommates who agreed to do the rest of the trio with me! Love those chicks.)

Meet Cher, Dionne, and Tye. Before Costumes.
- Because Halloween happens to fall on the same weekend as when I plan to get my new iBrain, I'll be tweeting about all the debauchery, apparently 4x as fast as I use to.

- This past weekend was my first homecoming as an alumni! It was a different vibe, as I expected, but I loved being able to see everyone and hear how they are doing. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago I was still in school. Actually, scratch that. Since most of my furniture in my apartment is from college, the living situation still kind of feels the same.

- I will officially be spending Christmas in Florida! I've never spent a holiday away from my immediate family but there's a first time for everything.

There are other things I'd love to share with you all such as how damn hard it is to keep friends after college, why I hate the N/Q line, and my first bar fight but I'll save that for a rainy day. Or tomorrow.


  1. Yayy!! Glad you're going as Dione! She's pretty much all I wanted to be in high school! And Christmas in Florida? Luckky!! You're going to be on boats and shit flipping hamburgers whoever that Lonely Island song goes!

  2. Oh chit...bar fight??? Write about that one. I take it you won! LOL Just messin' with ya! Yaaaay you are going to be a great storm and Dionne (that's the one i voted on). I can't wait to see the pics girl. Ooooh Florida! What part? Hopefully I will be away too. Fingers crossed. LOL
    Have a great evening Nhya! Love your tweets girl.

  3. So glad to have you back!!!! You absolutely must write about the bar fight!

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  4. A bar fight?!? This i'm dying to hear about lol

  5. Christmas is Florida sounds amazing :)

  6. I can't believe I missed the voting post >.<" Where was I that day? So sorry love, but I love the Dionne look, Clueless was such a huge movie waaaayyyy back when I was still in high school (ugh.. I'm old T.T), I even bought a plaid mini skirt cuz I was so "inspired" by that movie haha! And hmm... a bar fight, you say? Can't wait to hear about that one lol And whoa, Christmas in Florida, huh? That's awesome! And yes dear, there's always a first for everything haha ok I'll stop preaching like an old hag. Hope everything's going great with you, Nhya!


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  7. Bar fight?!! Can't wait for that! Did you win?? LOL (yes I know shame on me for asking but blame it on the New Yorker in me) I think it's so great you're doing something for Halloween. In my "adult" years I have yet to dress up and I blame the sorry kids that throw eggs! Anywhooo can't wait to see your outfit and hear about that brawl!! lol


  8. You'll be a cute Dione. I have been out of college for a year and I think it is harder to keep friends. Well, you may still have friends but you may not ever be as close as you used to be. That goes for all relationships. It's a totally different dynamic and life really starts. Ugh. Sorry I have the out of school blues.

    Always, T

  9. Exciting developments! It sounds like all is well in the world of Nhya...mostly. Bar fights are never fun and struggling to keep in touch with friends can be difficult especially once you graduate. I know I had some of the same things going on after I graduated...but rest assured, if someone phases out of your life it may be for the best. True friends will always remain over time and distance.


  10. The suspense is killing me softly!! Okay for one : why did I click on "ibrain" SO excited like it was something I didn't know. You got me with that one! LOL. two : lol, at this being the perfect trio for the Clueless remake! That was clever and so original. three : Florida! Yippee!! What part?! And will you be with the boyfriend?! four : It is extremely hard to keep friends once you move away from them period ;(.. Its the part of life they never told us about.. And the part that I never expected or even imagined would happen =[. and finally five : barfight?! What in the ---.

  11. I am excited to see you in your costume! It's hard to keep in touch with friends after undergrad, I try to use facebook but many of gotten married and now have kids...hehehe

  12. Hope you have a good time in Florida. The reason I have fried chicken with bakes on my food table is because the kids need something more filling to eat than sweets. We also had hotdogs:)

  13. LOL...Clueless was on heavy rotation back in the day!!! Waiting to see the "after costumes" pics!!!
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