Monday, October 10, 2011

I want YOU!

. . .To help me pick out a Halloween Costume :]

I decided that this year won't be the year I grow up and resort to simply giving out Halloween candy instead of collecting it on my own. Whatever, whatever - I do what I want.

And even if I don't go trick-or-treating because I'm not sure if my city neighbors have the same sense of humor as the ones I grew up with in the suburbs, I'm definitely dressing up in some way and doing something.

So these are the options I've come up with so far:

Dionne (From Clueless)
Because I love that movie in a really unhealthy way and kind of already own the outfit. 

Storm (From X-Men) 
Because in my mind, I'll be Halle Berry for a night dressed as a superhero.
Note: I'm not crazy about the store's costume, which means I'll probably re-create it, but you get the idea.

Sookie Stackhouse (From True Blood) 
Because if you follow my blog even a little bit, you already know how I feel about that show. 

. . .Now you might be wondering - why wouldn't you be Tara, from True Blood? Well, because that's too obvious, lol. I know Tara and I have that whole "being black thing" in common but Sookie would pose a challenge. Besides - if I dress as Tara, I'm gunna need someone to be my LaFayette which would require me recruiting a team of True Blood fans and blah, blah, blah. . .

If you have another "vision" for me, I'm open to ideas. I will say that I have already dressed up as the following:

• An Egyptian Princess
• Sailor
• Lady bug
•Baseball Player
• A member of "TLC"
• Super Woman
• Cat (although not Cat Woman. . hmm.)

Thanks in advance for any advice! I hope you guys are enjoying your fake Columbus Day as much as I am. 

Also - Look out for a post later on my featured follower idea. 


  1. Totes voted for Storm! And since I never get to do this on a Nhya entry (you're so darn popular)...First!


  2. all great ideas! can't wait to see what you choose :)

  3. All great ideas. I like Storm best too.

  4. I definitely love the clueless, it's hot, nobody does it anymore and you'll look good. Storm and Snookie people are going to be, Dione is original I think

  5. Dionne! Dionne! Dionne! Ohhhhhh PLEASE! I can totally see you dressing up like her. I LOVE CLUELESS!!! Oh I hope you pick her. I would love to see the pics. HAHAHA Nhya, you are too funny and I could see you rockin' her attitude and style. I can't wait to find out which one you choose. :D

  6. I vote for sookie but then you would need a Billl or an Eric or maybe even alcide. I just can't keep up with sookie and all her man :)

  7. Hmmmm, what about Halle Berry a la Cat Woman? I saw you mentioned you've been a cat, but not cat woman, and that's one of my FAVORITE costume ideas so... Just throwing that out there!!! From the list, I would say go with a Clueless costume, especially if you already have the outfit in a way! ^_-

    Also, True Blood is THE BEST SHOW EVER OF ALL TIME OMGEEEE. <3 Yeah, my wife and I are total fangirls!

  8. I'm thinking Dionne from Clueless. That would be cute on you. I'm having trouble deciding on Halloween costumes. I'm about to give up lol

  9. Oooo I am feeling the Dionne get-up! Especially since you already have the costume, I think you can totally rock this look! I was a bollywood star, sexy honeybee, and snow white. The costumes were made by Leg Avenue have an idea what they looked like!

  10. Thanks for your message! I vote for storm! Your blog looks lovely!

  11. DIONNE :)..omg I was sooo obsessed with her haha--- I think this would be a great!


  12. Ok, I voted for Storm, BUT don't use the costume they sell. Get a sexy black leather suit like in the picture and some knee or thigh high boots! You're going to look FAB!

    OMG, now I want to dress up :(

  13. I have to say the girl from "Clueless" because she is just plain awesome.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. LOL! I love this and can't wait for "the decision"! I voted for STORM!!


  15. I LOVE both Storm and Sookie. How about a demon from Supernatural? (i adore that show). You could rock some yellow eyes :)

  16. i think you should go with the clueless outfit :D

  17. I think storm would be my choice.

  18. Sookie is uh... BORING! I think you should be Storm.

  19. hello! this post is fabulous! have you seen mine? there are new posts outfit, with the must have of this winter 2012. come and see, so tell my what you think! And if you like it, you could follow me! ;-)
    Miriamstella (from Italy)

  20. good ideas I like the catwoman idea best especially if you recreate one :D

  21. @Shane – I love you for saying “totes”, haha. Reminds me of my internship for last Spring.

    @Viv, Kathy, Emmanuella, Live Life Glamorous

    @Ashley, Sassy, Shannon, Leisy, Bonnie, MsNana – If I do that costume I’m def going to try to get my roommates to do the Clueless thing with me! Lol One’s a brunette and one’s a blonde – it would work.

    @Rocker – I was thinking about that :\ I need a vamp man!

    @Angie, Ilsteviewonder – I would do Catwoman, but I’m just such a stickler about how I’d look in leather, lol. Hmm. . we shall see, we shall see.

    @Bravoe – I’ve seen Leg Avenue costumes. Very scandalous ;] lol.\

    @Stiletto Minded – Dress up! It’s sooo fun :D

    @Kim, Paps – I need a white wig for Storm, and like. . .yellow contacts. She has yellow eyes, right? Lol .

    @Culinarystorm – A demon from the supernatural would be extremely cool if I knew how to pull that off, lol. I need something to emulate or compare this too. . .gimme a name to google lol.

    @Tarah – Thanks, Tarah. Tell me how you REALLY feel! :P lol

  22. I am so happy I found your blog. :) I love all your posts. :)
    Oh and it's great to have found other true blood fans. I am being sookie from true blood this yr. :) Great choices.


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