Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why my mom shouldn't be texting

I'll admit that I'll respond faster to La Madre's texts than I would to her non-existent phone calls (apparently, she can never find the house phone), but I need her to learn some texting etiquette. Textiquette, if you will. Just a little, not a lot.

This is because I love you, Mom.

This picture in no way, shape or form meant to represent how my mom looks. She's actually a fairly young mom  - not like a regular mom, like a cool mom. For the purposes of this post however, it does accurately capture her relationship with her cellphone.

Rule 1 - You can't. . well, shouldn't text sentences one at a time. Unless you have some horribly limited character count (which you don't) on your cell phone, you can just send everything at once. That way my phone doesn't have to vibrate constantly for a

text that's
like this.

Rule 2 - I've said it before and I'll say it again -- when you text in caps, in tech-speak, you are yelling. I know you're not really such an angry person but that's because I'm your daughter. Others (like those who you e-mail) might not be as forgiving.

Rule 3 - I want to say 90% of the time, when I send you some version of an emoticon you have no idea what's going on. You think it's a code or a typo. Or this:

La Madre: My boss sent me home early because I was sick
Me: Uh oh :O
La Madre: What is that? a monster?
La Madre: How did u get it?
La Madre: Waaaaaaaaa :(

I'm just going to put it all on the table for you:

:) Smiling
:( Sad face
:o) Me being 'cute' and smiling
O:( Innocent Nhya
>.< Frustrated Nhya
:O Shocked and Appalled Nhya
-.- The face I make when you ask me to help you make a Facebook

It would be so much easier for me to express myself to you if you'd kind of. . I don't know, study these? Just a little, not a lot.

Rule 4 - If you call me and I text you and then you call me again, I'm not going to answer. Let's just get that straight from now. I'm probably not in a place where I can talk (like work) so a series of texts asking me why I can't pick up the phone will only be answered with texts, never a phone call. 

Hopefully this will help not only my mom, but parents across the nation who are dealing with a communication barrier between themselves and their children.


  1. LOL I love this! I should link it to my mom :)

  2. My mom does that last one all the time and it drives me crazy. If I text instead of answering the phone, it's because I can't answer my phone where ever I am.

  3. HAHAHA Nhya!!! No you didn't! LOL I don't even have to worry about my mom with all that, because she's holding on to dear life with her cell phone that simply calls. She doesn't want a smart phone. One day she'll be forced too and I'll print this out for her. LOL HAHAHA

  4. LOL This is hilarious! My mom is not a tech savvy person at all, and actually she has no idea what are emoticons... My mom simply prefers the house phone, and nothing more....

  5. You are so funny! I knew my mom shouldn't text when she asked me what LOL meant. I replied laugh out laugh mom, she replied like "ha, ha, ha". I immediately told her she had no business texting :).



  6. My mom and dad used to have these sorts of issues when they first started using text messages haha. My mom got the hang of it (after a few "helpful" instructions by me) but dad is just funny. He ALWAYS must have the last word, like when I text him, "ok", he'll reply with "k"! I'm like... dad you're wasting credits! hahaha


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. This is funny. I sort of need this for myself. I hate texting but like a good little girl I do it anyway.

    Found a link to your blog while I was visiting Stiletto Minded. Will come back for sure.

  8. LOL good points! i really hate when someone calls and i text, and they call again -______-

  9. This is Hee-Larry-us.. I agree, my mom shouldn't text, tweet, or anything else EVER!


  10. my mom uses blackberry messenger!!! all the extra emoticons in every sentences were driving me nuts

  11. Haha, EVERY MUM EVERY COUNTY same problem!

  12. Haha, this is brilliant! "The face I make when you ask me to help you make a Facebook"

    I feel your pain because within the last month or so my mom has been texting me and she keeps asking me to make a Facebook for her. Because she has seen me on my Facebook and would no doubt use every excuse possible to creep on me. Ughughugh. Parents.


  13. I love this! My dad's a smart guy but he just shouldn't be texting. It makes things awkward sometimes.


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