Thursday, August 18, 2011

J gets Boyfriend of the Week.

So, I'm still alive.

This picture was added because my boobs look incredible. Although my hair does not


I feel like it's been ages since I've updated, so I apologize for that. Things have been reaaally hectic for a bunch of reasons I've probably already mentioned in here. I'm trying to figure out if you can donate organs for money beforehand, because that's how I'm living right now. But alas, this too shall pass.

I think this week has been a stressful week for a lot of people, judging from some of you guys' (spelling?) blogs that I've been ghost stalking.

Shoutout to the things this week that have successfully turned my frown upside down:

• An ever-patient boyfriend that can deal with my sporadic emotionally outburst. J get's the Boyfriend Of The Week award again. He's currently the only candidate and competitor, but that's besides the point.

• A lot of people around me have been getting good news so I'm hoping that some of that karmic goodness rubs off on me if I keep hanging around them. I'm ready to bathe in some good news.

• According to some girl who came into my (temporary) job with serious wrist issues, Red Mango has rainbow sprinkles. If you don't already know, I love all things colorful and particularly love sprinkles. 'Nuff said.

• Yet another small thing that made my day. . .

IT'S BACK IN STOCK! & I own it.

And I'm making a big deal about it because I need to hold tightly to the small flecks of happiness that I have in my life. Phew.

I'll be moving over officially to Astoria this Saturday.


  1. good luck with all the moving craziness!
    That ice cream looks delish! I also love sprinkles. :)

  2. Glad you're alive doll. Good luck on your official move. It'll be really rewarding once you get everything moved in and you can sleep in your own bed again.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Hope the move will go well and that ice cream looked really yummy :)

  4. Word? you moving to queens? txt me you bout to be a borough gyal! HAAIYY!

  5. Aww feel better! I know the feeling. I stopping blogging for a couple weeks because I too am going through some things. When you're able to bathe in some good news please send it my way because I need it to. I'm glad that despite the bad you're able to see the good and because of that you'll be ok. Best wishes to you!

  6. Best wishes on everything. Keep us posted on your progress and sending lots of good thoughts your way!!!

  7. Best wishes on everything.. I hope you get better as well Lady... BTW, Now I want ice-cream :)


  8. You're right this too shall pass, sugar. And until then, if it's any consolation, your boobs do look incredible in that picture, lol.

    But seriously, here's to good news soon. And to not selling organs. And sprinkles!

    I'm going to go gorge myself on ice cream now!

  9. Good luck girl.

    You have a great sense of humour.


  10. Hope everything turns out well and make sure you get that ice cream from Cold Stone(I here that doubles the good luck). Ditto on your pic minus your hair comment(it looks fine).

  11. Hey, hun! It's been a while, so happy to read a post from you. So the time has finally come, huh? Good luck, I sincerely wish you all the best in this monumental move (literally lol) you're about to undertake. And yup, you will get through this and come out successful, I can tell ;)

    And yup, I have to agree with you and the rest of the comments here, you boobs do look great on that photo haha

    All the best, hun! *hugs*

    A Single Girl's Musings

  12. Congrats to J! That ice cream looks phenomenal. I like the shirt too! Good luck getting your life back on track, but when I get a little off, I just remember my old motto, "don't worry, be happy."

  13. That ice-cream makes me want one now.

  14. @Jill, Mac, Bravoe, Tammy • Thanks huns! I'm keeping hope alive! I just hate transitioning lol. Like a lot.

    @Dr. LiL • Never that! I'm still a Long Island girl at heart, haha. I'll be living in Queens but I won't be a Queens chick ;]

    @ASMJ • As SOON as I have great news/positive energy, I'm sending it your way! Trust me, lol. I'm the kind of person who likes to spread the love.

    @Rose, Lioness, Rash • Thank uuu, mama!

    @Allie • I'm so happy you appreciate the same things as me like sprinkles and good boob days. You understand where I'm coming from.

    @Will, Tesh • Coldstone! Omg. . .everyone's talking about ice cream and I need less-fattening frozen yogurt lol. Now you guys have that in my head!

    @Woody • That would be your motto! :P thanks for reminding me of it though.

    @Wi • Okay, I think it's time I start addressing you by your first name, don't you? lol Thanks for all the great wishes. This move is something I'm apprehensive about but I know I need to do anyway. I will, of course, keep you all posted on how things unfold. I appreciate the support!

  15. Ahhh good luck! The ice cream or whatever it is, looks amazing!

  16. Rainbow sprinkles always make me happy. Now I want to walk down to the local Dairy Queen and have myself a cone covered in color. Thanks for that :P But yeah, it's like embracing your inner child. Gotta love it.

    Happy to hear that J is helping you cope with all of the changes. We're all wishing you well and hoping things calm down soon!


  17. @Nyha lol I agree I should start doing the same too

  18. your life seems pretty busy, goodluck hun!

  19. That icecream seems tasty!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Following you!
    Marianna from Clothes and Fairytales

  20. Ice cream is the cure to all bad days! I had some yesterday when I was feeling depresssssed. Waaaah!

  21. - Not boyfriend of the year, but boyfriend of the week -- LOL. You crack me up!
    - And the news around me hasn't been TOO good so I'm hoping things get better with you so you can rub off on me!! I'm counting on you girl!
    - Yey for the rainbow sprinkles!! =]
    - And Cute top!

    Best of wishes on your move girlie!!

    Kimberly, FWB


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