Monday, September 26, 2011

17-year-old Carry meets 22-year-old Carry

For all of you who are mathematically challenged (like I am) that's a 5 year difference. Duh.

This time five years ago I had been a college freshman for a few weeks and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure of myself. I wasn't sure how I would assimilate into that University, especially since I was very much a "people pleaser" - I wanted to get along with everyone, I wanted to do everything, and I wanted to make sure I did all of that without failing out or compromising myself. But although there were times when I got stressed or overwhelmed in school, I never once wanted to rush out of there. I knew that my college years would be the best years of my life, and they have been. So far.

Me at 17 with my lovely braces on the left, 21 on the right. I miss the burgundy-ish hair. Can't lie.

And now here I am, 22-years-old with a brother who just started college and siblings not far behind and I can't help but feel like there's a brand spankin' new chapter of my life unfolding. Everyone warns you about how much "the real world" isn't a joke. No one's going to hold your hand - you either sink or you swim. Now I don't want to say that I'm beyond that advice (y'all know I was nervous), but what if you prepped yourself so much for what was going to come that you're not experiencing any culture shock? I wouldn't say I have a full-proof plan, but I'm feeling good about things to come. I've learned (and continue to learn) that I cannot and will not please everyone. . .I just have to do what's right for me. And right now what's right for me is to compare my 17-year-old goals to my 22-year-old ones.

At 17 in 5 years I wanted to:

• Get a new network of non-high school friends by the time I graduated. Check!
• Get a license. Eh. . .not so much. And now basically living in the city hasn't helped with that. But it WILL happen!
• Meet someone I love spending time with, can be myself with, and won't make me want to attempt homicide. Check!
• Study abroad. This hasn't happened yet but I can go abroad without "studying" there.
Graduate college with honors. Check! Ideally, I was supposed to graduate into a job. Let's give this a half-check.

And now, at 22 in 5 years (hellooooo, 27) I want to:

• Visit Europe at least once.
• Finally have my tattoo *cough*andthatlicense*cough*.
• Be set in my career, whatever that might be.
• Hopefully about to start a family with  a bunch of little CarryMels and Js. I'm not big on kids (no secret), but I feel like I might like my own.
• Be a certified Zumba instructor - everyone laughs at me when I say this but I am so serious. It's something I enjoy doing! 

I kept the list short and sweet, but there's a lot more I want to do in 5 years. I think constantly keeping sight of your goals helps a lot with making them realities, but I also think leaving a little mystery and not stressing them is what makes the ride more enjoyable.

What about you guys? What's one thing you really want to see yourself do in 5 years?

PS - I've been slackin' on my mackin' by not being consistent with my Tell 'em how you feel Tuesdays but I'm going to get that back up and running. I'm also thinking of doing something like a "Featured Follower" every week or so to help cross promote other blogs. Gotta plan that out. Oh! And I want a site button :], but I need help making one, lol.


  1. This makes me want to dig up my files & look for my check-sheet list from high school and my undergrad years.. i know I wanted to do/ accomplish so much.. Hope I followed through on them.. Great post!


  2. In 5 years I better have a Master's my own crib and a fine woman who has longevity type qualities. I hope to still be in the northeast, maybe I'll even have a beard by then #whoknows

  3. Nhya, your posts are always so inspiring, so interesting, with this little touch of humour I love! I'm actually 17 and I must admit that my wants are quite similar to yours at 17 haha.
    Anyway in 5 years I hope I'll have my master degree and will be able to live with my actual boyfriend. I really hope that my story will be one like yours with J :)
    I really love your blog (btw there's an award for you on mine check it out), I think I'll steal some of your ideas when I'll lack inspiration for mine and of course I'll mention you(don't worry)if it doesn't bother you of course:)
    I wish you a good week :)

  4. Nice post. I don't like to set goals much...actually i dont like to tell others and have them say hey what happened to that goal?! But definitely in 5 years, I want to be published. That goal would be a huge accomplishment in itself! :) xxx

  5. OMG....i'm such a planner too...first of all, i enjoy reading your posts...

    in 5 years, i pray i'll be working as a human rights, asylum, refugee, immigration lawyer...hahaha...i don't know what type of law i want to study..but one of those or all....i also want to study abroad, but i want to go to my home, Ghana, West do a study abroad..i don't have any plans about family life in the future....leaving that aspect to God

    but goodluck in all your plans....

  6. I like that you created your goals and reflected back on them and where you are in your life. Hopefully you will achieve the goals for the next 5 years. I hate to even think about mines. I'm 27 now and looking back on where I wanted to be at this age I'm definitely not there but I am proud of what I've accomplished. So within the next five years I hope to 1. be established in my career (hopefully have my own practice) 2. be married 3. have another child 4. buy a house 5. have peace and happiness within and no stress. I'm claiming them! (Just don't remind me of them in 5 years lol!)

  7. I like your lists - it's nice to see that you have met most goals and you are setting very realistic ones for the next 5 years. Time really flies, I've noticed the same thing because I started college 5 years ago this fall as well. Make the most of it, Nhya!


  8. ughhhhhhhhh it makes me sad to think about getting older :( never understood why 'grown ups' lied about their age till now lol. Anywhooo in 5 years, I hope to have 2 children, a home, a great job- by great I mean well paying and puts a smile a on my face, I hope 'he' and I are in marital bliss lol and that my grandma is still around to watch my children grow. :)

  9. It is almost important to have goals in life Nhya that you can measure and are specific. I think you are on your way to a promising career, and take your time. I rushed into one and now I am desperate for a change. In 5 years I will be 35... I hope to be in a different career, in a larger condo, and still inspiring others to do more and think beyond what it is they have and go after what they want.

  10. You have achieved pretty much everything on your 17 to 22 list...
    the only thing i have a list about is guys lol
    But I like daydreaming into the future
    in 5years I wanna be top in my game...
    I want to be a good lawyer and with somebody I am "inlove" with :D
    Most people think I am pessimistic, but secretly I am a romatic at heart..
    my main goal is to fall effortlessly inlove.. i just wanna know how that will feel like


  11. These are all great goals you set for yourself! It's funny how things seem so important and how things change in just a span of five short years!

    In five years, I wish to own my own business and take a trip to Hawaii! Heather

  12. Love this post!! Five years ago, I was scared to get older and to venture off into the "real world". Now that I'm here, I look back and giggle a little bit at how freaked out I was haha. In 5 years, I hope to still be doing what I love. Although I'm pretty confident that wherever life takes me, it's where I should be and that I'll be happy :) Like you said, a little mystery and never stress!

    I look forward to reading about your journey, Nhya!

    xo andrea

  13. Love the featured follower idea, I could totally jump on board with something like that too.

    Your lists are perfect. The only thing I can think of that I want in five years is to have a better answer for that question. haha my life is so scattered and I hope I have a little direction by then!

  14. You are really inspiring, Zumba sounds like fun, I enjoy going for Zumba classes every now and then to stay fit, great to follow your passion.

  15. Ah, this was so inspiring for me. I should set goals in my life, I really should - like you - and look back & maybe I'll be just as content as you!
    In 5 years, I want to ... not quite sure. I guess I need to make goals for myself. Eh.

    Great Post!!

  16. Five years ago, I was a whole different person who thought her life was set but haha oh all of that has changed, and I'm starting all over again, this time with a different perspective and different goals. I learned a valuable lesson though, complacency doesn't equate to contentment because at some point in your life, your yearnings will barge in as loud as a raging marching band and you will have no choice but to listen to them lol ahh story of my life.

    Anyway, I love this post, this had so much heart and I can see you fulfilling all of your 5 goals. I'm no psychic but from what I can see, you are a driven person, so all of this will come to reality. All the best, girl, and enjoy every single moment. Sure there'll be rough times along the way, but think of them as a good work-out, they strengthen you and make you a braver person. What's important is you not losing sight of your dreams, whatever challenges come your way.

    By the way, check this site: How To Make A Button/Badge. I used that guide to make my site's button ^^


    A Single Girl's Musings

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  18. My 5 year goals *shark bite*

    -become an author/publisher
    -become a well known speaker
    -have about 2 kiddies/married
    -have my master's degree
    -own a home

    and I always wanted to be a yoga instructor too :)

  19. I really enjoyed this post. Im not a kid person at all! But, I cant get enough of my own. You will be fine there! :)

  20. The funny thing about life is that we have all of these "plans", that somehow get rearranged as life goes by. I think of so many experiences that I thought were mistakes in life that turned out to be beneficial. With that being said, in five years I hope to be happy, healthy, grounded, and focused. Great post!



  21. Wow! You look basically the same tho! You have accomplished alot though! It is funny to look back five years to beginning of freshman year and then look at where you are now five years later. It's so wonderful to hear, you have a lot more to accomplish and I wish you the best. You definitly inspire me to live more and keep hope alive that I can do anything and go anywhere!

    -Nicole Alicia


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