Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell em how you feel Tuesdays: Reality Bites

There's about 7 weeks left of my official FINAL summer.

Don't ask me how I came up with it, but it's what I've got. Because of this I've been giving much thought to what I'm going to do with my real life, as in, the life I'll have once I leave here. For those of you who don't know: I'm a recent college graduate. Hold the applause. I should also mention that I am unemployed in my field, heavily reliant on my parents and not entirely sure of the direction of my life. No more clapping? Okay then. . .

I know most of you guys are still in college and such, but for those of you who aren't, I have some serious questions. Please don't judge me, as I promise I'm not retarded. Just really unsure of my next step in life.

1.) How do you do laundry in the city? I'm so serious. Do I have to push around a cart with a laundry bag in it across streets and in front of people? Oh, and do I have to bring my groceries back in a cart too?

2.) What do you do for fun? When I was in school there was a semester where I was interning, writing my thesis, co-heading a fashion show, running my sorority's chapter, and working two jobs. What the hell am I supposed to occupy my time with once I leave for good? Certainly work, sleeping and eating can't be it. . .can it?

3.) Who do I start paying back these student loans to? Do they contact me or am I supposed to be like, "Hey, remember that money you loaned me? About that. . ."Am I supposed to play hard to get?

4.) Is there really no such thing as summer vacation anymore? I understand that you get vacation weeks but it's probably frowned upon to take them all at once, right? Plus - I'm definitely going to want a few random days off during the year *sigh*.

5.) Is it too late to start investing? I don't even know what I should be investing in, per say, but everyone's telling me to save, save, save.

6.) Should I stop sporting clothes from my college? Does society think that's silly? I have a good 100 + t-shirts with my college's logo on it, not to mention sweatpants, socks, caps, etc. I remember being able to wake up and stroll to class in my "Post sweats" and sorority letters. Are those days over?

7.) How long can I use the 'recent college graduate' excuse? Don't get me wrong - I am far from lazy, but I know when I have things working in my favor. I'm looking for work and prepared to take on my next step of responsibilities but I know this can't be my get-out-of-jail free card forever. Wahh. Is there like a 6 month expiration date I should know about? Kind of like when the loans kick in?


  1. A couple of answers to those questions, my dear love:

    1. You can always find an expensive a** apartment in the city where the washer and dryer is already there or at least a building with one. That way, you just drag the cart down the elevator and not outside where a random panty or 2 is bound to escape onto the sidewalk, embarassing you and passersby.

    2. Welcome to reality. It bites. There is no more "said fun." J/k! Life is what you make it. You can still volunteer to do things and there's always your friends to hang out with. Look at like this: you get a little more free time to work out, blog, look for other opportunities. etc. I'm proud that you've worked so hard, btw.

    3.Don't worry, they'll find you! Did you not have to do some sort of exit interview where they tell you how you'll know when/who/where to pay to? If not, don't worry. Like I said, they'll find you.

    4. No, no more summer vacation. perhaps that's why i chose teaching. i couldn't wrap my head around that concept either.

    5. Find a financial planner. They'll tell you what to do with your money and explain your options better than I can. (Heck, I'm still struggling with investing).

    6. It's been 6 years and I'm still reppin hard. Rock your school if you want to.

    7. I don't know that one either. I think I told folks I was a recent graduate for 2 years. Yea, that sounds good.

  2. 1.) Not a clue. Sorry.

    2.) You may be so used to a hectic schedule, but the free time will be a blessing. You can fill it with the activities of your choice to keep you occupied. Hobbies, interests, etc.

    3.) Who do I start paying back these student loans to?
    They'll find you, but you may want to seek them out first. Be proactive or else you run the risk of going into default, and you don't want that.

    4.) Is there really no such thing as summer vacation anymore?
    Probably not, but now you get better vacations at different times through the year!

    5.) Is it too late to start investing?
    It's never too late, but I would wait until you have a permanent job and more disposable income.

    6.) Should I stop sporting clothes from my college?
    Never. My dad still rocks his Penn State gear. I'll be rocking my Cal U colors for years to come.

    7.) How long can I use the 'recent college graduate' excuse?
    In this economy? As long as you want. Haha.

  3. Well I'm not going to be much help but I understand how you're feeling because I felt the same way when I graduated with my Bachelors. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology so it's hard to find a job in my field with that alone especially here in SC so luckily I was busy with motherhood and I had the expectations of going back to grad school so I got over the graduate blues fast.

    1. I can't help you out there I live in the country lol!

    2. Once you embrace this "new adult life" your interest may change once your surroundings and people in your life change. I'm sure you'll find something fun to do. You can even take up a hobby.

    3. I can't believe you're worrying about paying back student loans lol! They always know where you are. They will find you.

    4. Make your days off a vacation even if it's in your mind.

    5. Never too late to start investing. Save, save, save. And make responsible choices with your finances and spending. Keep your credit in tack. You may not see the benefit now but it will help you long term.

    6. Keep sporting your school gear. Wear it proudly.

    7. Use the excuse as long as you need to!

    Good luck to you. You'll do well. Just pursue your dreams and never give up.

  4. You're in luck. My blog focuses on life after college :) And that is can still be fun!!!
    1. I don't live in a big city right now but I had a friend who lived in NYC and I had the same question. He did have a little wire cart thing and got lucky in that he had a laundramat right on his street. Sounds like a pain in winter though! I have a laundramat on my street right now too. If I go away on the weekends, honestly it's hard sometimes to find time to go to it though!

    2. For fun, I go out with my roommate for dancing/drinks, go out to eat, see movies, or travel on weekends to see friends/family in different areas. Yeah, there is definitely not as much time to do "fun stuff" when you work full time. I teach dance as a side job and have met some friends through that as well. Oh, and church friends! Think about your hobbies and how you can incorporate those in your new adult life.

    3. They will contact you by mail with a letter saying that you will have to start repaying soon. FUN! not.

    4. No summer vacation :( I've worked full time for 3 years and I still only get 5 days off a year. it stinks, especially since most of my friends are teachers.

    5. Saving is good. Keep in mind that when you get your own place, you have to have enough for the first month's rent and a security deposit, which is often the same amount as rent, so it can be a lot when you're just starting out!.

    6. Those days are not over. I'll proudly rep my college gear for the rest of my life. Those hoodies don't go out of style haha. It also keeps me feeling young and happy to have stuff from my college days.

    7. I still kind of feel like a "recent college grad" even though it's been 3 years because I still don't have the career I want and am still figuring things out.

    Hope that helps a bit! Believe me, we have all been there. :)

  5. Well here you go, once you start a salary job crete yourself a budget. Read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and another call The Richest Man In Babylon. I think thats what its called lol but read them and then educate yourself on the art of investing and taking risk. that's a convo we can have another time, but your worries are normal, and I'll ever stop weating my Post gear, I'm a proud product. And wait til these loan sharks find you!

  6. I haven't graduated yet however I have a feeling I am going to have the exact same questions when I am done as well.


  7. i am graduating next week and i am kind of in the same situation. i know what i want to do after but getting there is somethign else :S...
    about 2) you could start doing somthing new, fun and relaxing.. drawing or dancing maybe (you'll meet new people too)..
    3) i really think you should check on your contract or somthing coz they can end up asking you for more money...
    I am sure everything is going to turn up good :)

  8. hello sweety i give you an award ;) check this out http://paramitadana.blogspot.com/2011/07/2-awards-in-1.html

  9. Don't stress girl! It's your life and what you make it. And I know plenty of people who enjoy vacations after college! lol I wish I could be more help, but I'm reading these answers. I love when people ask the questions that I need answers to also.

  10. Oh i am super jealous right now that you are enjoying the lovely summer over there, and about to go on summer holidays... i want warmer weather!

    Fun, I find fun some of the most simplest things in life and also the most spontaneous things!

  11. your life seems so easy and lovely :)


  12. First off Congrats Nhya! It's still an acomplishment that you graduated don't discount that. I graduated from college about 5 years ago so I know exactly what you're goin through. Here's my opinion to the questions you asked...I can't answer all of 'em 'cause even after 5 years I'm still looking for the answers to some of those questions my dang on self LOL!

    1) Go to the laundry mat to do your laundry, unless your parents are cool with you stopping by every once in a while to do it at there house (Unless you're moving away then yeah you gotta drag your stuff across town to wash).

    2) Go to clubs, meet up with friends for drinks after work, join your grad chapter of your sorority. I know you're used to the whole college scene and you'll miss it (I do sometimes).

    3) Have no fear, the student loan folks will track you down and you usually have to start paying them back 6 months after you graduate. There like the Evilene the wicked witch from the movie "The Wiz", you don't have to look for them, they'll find you first! LOL

    4)Yeah, summer vacation, doesn't really exist anymore. Unless you become a teacher then you have 6 or so plus weeks non paid vacation. You get 2 weeks vacation leave through out the year. Some companies let you take it all consecutively, some don't.

    5) I have no clue, but investing your money does sound like a wise idea. I wish I had enough of it to do it. Maybe I will someday.

    6)I proudly wear my college hoodies and t-shirts. It's were I went, I put in hard work to get that degree so theres no shame in my game there! Wear those T's proudly!

    7) The "recent college grad" card is only good for about a year. Other wise people start to look at you with a raised eye brow.

    Good luck out there though hun! Life after college is great!

  13. Well with all wonderful answer above there's no more left to say, I agree with all the answer, for know Just enjoy what you have, once you get a job life will be busy again! good luck with your new journey in life dear! It sucks but you'll love it! xx Joice

  14. i am still in college, about to be a senior but i know for the college loans thing.....they hit you early. my sis graduates in december but she already got her payment plan thingy....they dont play. at all. i already started saving my money. i actually started this summer (even though i've been doing alot).i've just really invested in my bank accounts and im thinking about getting into stocks. as for rockin your college wear, i been to too many schools so i basically have no choice but to rock on my days off lol damn i paid too much money for people not to know where i'm about to get my degree from :)

  15. This post reminds me of how lost I felt too when I just graduated >.<" And just like you, I relied heavily on my parents in terms of food and shelter (the basics lol) to get me by. I still live with them, cuz they won't let me move out (kind of a culture thing). The important thing is, don't rush yourself, and don't stress. See, life has a way of working out, trust me. But it's good that you are thinking ahead, that's a really good attribute ;) Although I can't really answer all your questions (cuz some of them are still the ones that are hanging on top of my head, still trying to resolve them myself lol) let me try and answer the ones I can.

    2. The internet. You have your blog, and you have quite a following here and we love reading up what you post about, so yah... keep writing ^^ And keep doing what you used to enjoy, like going out with friends, have a drink or two, play catch up. Who knows, you might come up with something brilliant if you brainstorm with your girlfriends ;)

    4. umm.. yah, ouch, welcome to the cruel, cruel world hun *hugs* there's no such thing as a summer vacation no more T.T There is vacation leave, but erm... after that, it's back to the usual humdrums of the workplace ;(

    5. To me, it's never too late to start investing, whether you're in your 20's, 30's, 40's even your 50's. But you have to be very careful where you put your hard-earned money to tho. Weigh the benefits and the risks twice or thrice over.

    7. Umm.. for me, about a year haha ;p Beyond that, people start looking at you funny lol

    I love this post hun, makes me remember the dilemma I've been through when it finally dawned to me: "Oh damn, I'm not in college anymore". >.<"

    G'luck hun <3

  16. I'm still in college myself, so those are very good questions to me and I'm sitting here reading your other comments! You have some great readers because they gave awesome responses. Love your blog!


  17. Love this post!~ Ha the last question is the best, that's so going to be me after I graduate!

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  19. You are the cutest thing ever. Your questions are all valid ones. I got really lucky with my life I suppose but one day, I know that my luck will run out. If you can't find a job in your field, don't worry. It's not the end of the world.

    I can't remember the last time that I had a summer vacation; I've been working since I was 16. As much as I would love to take time off from work, I'm addicted to working and making money. I feel like I miss something when I don't go into the office. If you feel like you need to take a vacation then by all means, go for it. I read on CNN.com that vacations are necessary to help you refuel and recharge your brain.

    In terms of student loans, I couldn't tell you the first thing about them but I feel like it's better to pay them off sooner rather than later.

    Whoever is telling you to save your money is completely correct. I'm horrible at it but somehow, I always managed to save a little of what I was bringing in. I have an emergency fund, in case anything ever happens and I'm in dire need of money. It's in a safe deposit box at the bank. It's one of those things where I have to actually have to walk into the bank and talk to someone in order to gain access to it. There's an envelope in the actual box; I labeled it "Bail money". I started the fund when I was doing stupid shit that would have landed me in jail or killed me. I left myself a note in the envelope, it was mainly addressed to my mother. It apologized for all the stupid shit that I did and if she was reading it, it was because I was in jail and she needed to bail me out with that money. The last time I put money in the box, I actually cried when I read the note because it expressed how stupid/unhappy I was at that point in my life. I ripped it up and wrote a new one to whoever gets the money should something ever happen to me. My mom always told me that I should have money stashed away in case I ever needed it for bills, rent, things like that. I'm like a squirrel now. I hide little wads of cash everywhere.

    That last paragraph was completely irrelevant but you get what I'm trying to say.

  20. I cant really help you cause im in a different continent altogether but I think you can still wear sweat pants after graduating, I mean why not?

    you still get an applause!! graduating is still graduating!!! :D


  21. Thank you for your comment

    Yes i am following you now


  22. Thanks so much for all of your comments guys! WOW - I wasn't expecting such great advice (no offense to you all lol). You've actually made me feel a bit more at ease about the next step I'm taking into adulthood. The whole advice about saving money and how I should go about student loans is great. It helps more than you guys know because my parents are adults who didn't attend college so they don't really know about life after graduating. Thanks so much again!

    - Nhya

  23. Nhya - I haven't finished college yet, but I have been going to school and living in the real world. As in working a full-time job that most people get after graduation.. and going to school so imagine the stress. :) Luckily, it pays off right!?
    1) Living in the city, you will either have laundry in your building or you will have to pack up your car and go to the laundry mat. Or walk/bus/etc.. If you don't have a car, I would suggest calling good ol mom and dad for a weekend visit every few weeks and getting all of your laundry done lol

    2)staying busy will be the least of your worries once you get a "big girl" job. But if you still need stuff to do, your friends will come in handy! :) I also started to do 5ks, and sometimes making a fb event and inviting friends to do something will keep you busy

    3)You can contact them if you want to stay on top of it, otherwise very soon you will get a few bills :) Like everyone said, they will find you!

    4)Most jobs will let you take the time at once, but you prob don't want to do that because you really want to space it out over the year :)

    5)Never too late to invest. I have worked at financial investment firms for about 5 years. Never too late and never too little ($50/month will amount to something) You can do it! :)

    6)Of course, you paid the money and put in the time!

    7)To me, a year. I have quite a few friends that found something by then :)

    New follower! Good luck girl! :)

  24. Cool post!


  25. seriously-congrats! graduating is a huge accomplishment! now i am still in college, but these are questions i have been thinking about since day 1 of college. great post, i love your honesty. :)


  26. Totally know what you mean.. I don't know what I actually want with my future..

  27. I'm glad you did this post Nhya because I had some of the same questions! Don't fret hun and congrats to you!

  28. I am so happy that you posted this! I'm not a college grad yet, but I am moving out of my parents house for good next year and I need to know how to prepare ;) I am praying for your success Carrymel ;)


  29. Oh god, the summer vacation one is the worst...Not only do you not get summers off, but all of a sudden people want to plan out every weekend for the next three months in advance, and by september you're ready to have a freakin' panic attack for five minutes alone without a BBQ or wedding or something. Enjoy your "you" time, its easy to let it fall away!


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