Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TEHYF Tuesdays: Why I'd make an awesome Dance Mom

There are a lot of shows I've recently thought I'd make a great cast addition to (like a vampire on True Blood or a contestant on Big Brother or my dream of being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance), but now I think I've found a new love.

When you can get pass the reality of me not actually being a mom (let's not focus on the negative), I think I've come up with some really solid reasons for why I think I'd make a great Dance Mom. For example:

• I want me some bedazzled black yoga pants.

• Although J and I have not had a child, I'm almost positive that this kid will come out beautiful. And not because I think him and I have amazing genes that could only result in a beyond gorgeous baby. I think they'll be beautiful because even if they aren't, I'm not above using plastic surgery to help further advance their career.

• I consider myself to be viciously competitive - especially if it's something I think I have a good chance at winning. And hey, if I can't win it, I'm sure my daughter can. Living vicariously through your children, anyone?

• Kids are people too, but Dance Kids are like little dolls that you can make-up and then teach routine's that are far too mature for their age group. And it's okay. Sort of. People encourage it is my point.
• I harbor enough estrogen and emotions to fuel about five other normal women and transform them into Dance Moms.

As I think of more reasons for why I should look into this, I'll update it. In the meantime, keep sending me questions so I have something to look forward to ;]


  1. I watched the video of those girls dancing and they are amazing dancers. Haa. It's crazy because I can't move my body as good as they do in such a provocative way, heh.
    I laughed hard at the line "Living vicariously through your children, anyone?" Hahaa. A lot of parents' do that. Have you ever watched "Toddlers and Tiara's"?
    And I'm sure your baby would come out very beautiful. You're a good lookin' young lady! :)

    How long have you and your boyfriend been together? I'm not sure I've ever seen a post about him...

    Nequia x

  2. Welp we know how competitive you can be, ehy y'all ask her about TABOO! lol and don't you think plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes should be your kid's decision? just asking lol.

  3. Lmao, I appreciate a woman who is not above plastic surgery on a kid. I respect that!

    You are going to be a great Dance Mom, and when you are, can you get me some bedazzled yoga pants? Those things are AMAZING!

  4. I'm going to be a cheer mom...which is basically the same thing lol

  5. HONEYYYY, we're hosting a chatroom tomorrow at 8pm eastern and we'd love to see you there. Our last one was a HUGE success and we were able to meet tons of new people because everyone repped their blogs & twitter names for the final 30 minutes! Hope to see you there! You'll be sure to have a blast!! =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  6. Ayyyeee Nhya I noticed you have a J. So do I :) lol! Anyways, I think you would be a great dance mom one day. This blog post was too cute.

  7. The line about plastic surgery made me laugh.

    Seriously, though, I wonder how many of these "Dance Moms" end up with bad mother-child relationships because of all the pressure they put on them?


  8. Haha, woots someone's thinking ahead, which is good, in my opinion. It cracked me up when you mentioned about being cool with plastic surgery lol. I'm sure you'll be one awesome mom, hun. And I'm pretty sure you'd rock the bejewelled yoga pants. Cheers to the hot mom! Woots lol

    And you are so right about living vicariously through your children, I mean I'm pretty sure my parents did (through me). Before, I was like, no I want my kid to be involved in stuff that he/she wants, but right now hmm... I'd often daydream of being the ever supportive mom when my kid's on a wushu competition or at a karate meet haha!

    Loved this post! And yes, do post about your lurvelife soon haha This post opened up a can of worms and your loyal followers are at the edge of our seats for that.



  9. You are going to make a fabulous mom whether it is a dance or soccer mom! You are too cute for your fabulous comment and I am so glad to discover you through Chichi! Ok that is not her name but I think it resonates her personality! I am definitely following you and can't wait to read more posts! You have a fantastic style of writing ;)

  10. Your plastic surgery comment had me cracking up :) And I'm pretty sure not having a child is not a negative by any means. You should definitely do a vlog as a True Blood vampire though.

    By the way, don't hate me because I didn't like the Vienna sausage sandwich :,(

  11. I sooo wish I had started dancing as a child - I'm unbelievably uncoordinated :(



  12. I love reading your posts!! And much like the others mentioned the plastic surgery bit was pretty funny and I agree! You need your own reality show!! I'd watch it! :D

    Yes I've been MIA for a bit. Laptop problems wouldn't let me stay online for more than 10 mins before it dies, but I got it fixed so i'll be blogging more regularly again!

    xo andrea marie

  13. Just steal somebody's kid who could pass for your own. The yoga pants make the jail time worth it.

    Cherie @ Refractions

  14. Thank you very much, I am pleased that I visited a person from another country. !


  15. lol wow ive seen that show once and i couldnt watch another episode. the girls are definitely talented, but their routines are a little too grown....and that dance teacher....i dont understand how she teaches dance!!! im suprised the girls actually know the routines because she's not doing it with them lol oh boy

  16. HAHA gotta love the bedazzled yoga pants.

  17. This post had me laughing. I think you would make a great dance mom.



  18. Haha, this post is funny! Especially that part where you mentioned being apart of True Blood. I have those times too. I would love be to in 90210, their outfits are awesome!!

    I'm hosting a birthday giveaway on my blog and I would love for you to join.



  19. the bedazzled dance pants sound like a great idea.

  20. Such great dancers :)
    thank you so much for your comment.
    I must admit that was one of the nicest comment I've got (ever!).
    It really made me smile.
    Thank you very much (again)
    Love Lupe,

  21. It amazes me how kids can be so flexible.

  22. When you can get pass the reality of me not actually being a mom (let's not focus on the negative) <--your sense of humor never fails to crack me up on the other end of the screen! Hilarious!

    This post is dripping with satire. Love it.


    Sojo, FWB

  23. You'd have to also be willing to invest in "flippers" for those unseemly gaps when they lose their teeth. Or you could just have all their teeth pulled out and replace them all with porcelain veneers.

    You actually made me laugh, so thanks.


  24. @Neq - We've been together for a little over a year. I'll post about him! And i've never seen "Toddlers and Tiara's" but I'm pretty positive that I'll love it since it sounds like it could help me get ideas on my unborn/unmade child's future career.

    @Dr. LiL - Shhh, don't even get me STARTED on Taboo! lol

    @Allie - I gotchu, girl ;]

    @Erin - we're all rooting for the same team! #Teammakemoneyoffourchildren :]

    @Miss Dre - Thanks hun!

    @Shane - Probably a lot. Kind of like child stars who end up strung out on heroin in their mid-twenties.

    @ChiChi - Lol at the end of it all, I can only advise my kid but ultimately they'll make their own decisions (like I did). It doesn't hurt to have a plan A ahead of time though!

    @B.Inspired - Thank you for that sweet compliment! :] I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I know Chi Chi's name isn't her actual name too, but I always call her that! lol

    @Woody - I don't hate you! I actually appreciate you going above and beyond to try all the Vienna sausage flavors! lol

    @Ashleigh - You and me both, honey :(

    @Andrea - I'm glad to see you're back blogging! I'd love my own show but I'm pretty sure on camera I'd freeze up and let all my viewers down lol. Maybe one day though. . .with practice :]

    @Cherie - Y'know, what? I like the way you think. . .

    @Mery & @PAPS - Thanks for commenting!

    @Curty - I was wondering how she's teaching them when she doesn't even dance her damn self! I guess she's got some kind of mental control over them?

    @MissSassyPants & Lemons- You already know!

    @Lynn - Gracias :]

    @Tesh - I'll check it out! :]

    @Lupe - anytime! :) I meant every word of it!

    @SOJO - Aww thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

    @Elliot - Flippers? They have those? It's sounds like a necessary investment. Thanks for the head's up!

  25. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND don't forget that since your week isn't going that well you will VOW to NEVER let your child have a dull moment. You know: let them live vicariously through the life you wanted to have. HA!


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