Sunday, July 24, 2011

My prepubescent harbinger crush on Devon Sawa

Shhhh. Don't talk about it.

One of the sites I frequently stalk posted about what your kiddie crush says about you. I didn't have to reminisce for long because my I very clearly remember what my young loins lusted for and that was Devon Sawa.

Y'know, in his better years.

That long blonde-ish/brown hair. Those cute gapped teeth. The fact that he always looked confused with his puppy eyes *swooooon*. All of my elementary school crushes pretty much looked exactly like him. Nevermind him constantly taking on roles where he was cursed, or partaking in some illegal activity or sticking his tongue down Christina Ricci's throat. That was my boo. In my head, anyway.

Unfortunately, Dev-o (my nickname for him) looks cracked out in more ways than one right now, and that really saddens me. His face reflects that his future may have been paved with illicit drugs, trick babies, and dirty needles. . .But I don't want to focus on the negative. I just wanna bask in how cute he use to be. Which was very, very, very freakin' adorable. If you wanna see him now, google him, fine, whatever. But you've been warned.

Apparently having him as a crush meant I was attracted to douchebags (go figure). Muscle-heads who I could probably easily manipulate because intellectually I surpassed them. . .I don't totally disagree (but they're so freakin' cute!). Anyway, those days are long over.

So tell me, chickadees. . .who was your top childhood crush?
(And if you have nothing nice to say about Devon, don't say anything at all! I mean it! lol)


  1. I was thinking about this earlier today, and I honestly can't remember my first celebrity crush. I'm inclined to believe it'd be someone like Michael Jackson but even that is doubtful. I probably didn't have one. Sad day

  2. I'm actually drawing a blank, I spent too much time chasing boys in primary school. Unfortunately the first guy I can remember crushing on is Sisqo, and that just cannot be. X

  3. It makes me sad, honestly Devon's like a crackhead woman beater now. Mine was Rider Strong, Matthew Lawrence and JTT, two of the there are still insanely hot! Mhm!

  4. This is a hilarious post! My two childhood crushes (which I am embarrassed to say) were Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT), and Romeo from the group Immature.

  5. Devon Sawa, JTT, The Lawrence Brothers, Barry many childhood crushes from my Backstreet boys/'Nsync days lol.
    Honorable mention to Romeo from Immature/IMx, and the boys from Imajin

  6. OMG I liked Devon Sawa too, such a cutie! He was like.. the Justin Bieber of the 90's lol he was no singer tho, but yeah he was just as popular. I first saw him on that movie, Little Giants.

    My childhood crush were Edward Furlong and Leonardo Di Caprio lol Leo's still a hottie to this day, but Edward... hmm I think he and Devon shared the same path as they were growing up, sad ;(

  7. I fell in love with him in Casper. So cute.

  8. @Erin • Aww don’t feel bad! I couldn’t remember my other celebrity crushes (Dev just popped into my head) until people started naming others lol.

    @Kam • SISQO?! I mean, I guess. . .lmao. I kid, I kid :P Lol @ “That just cannot be.”

    @Ashley • First of all, somebody watched a lot of Boy Meets World/Home Improvement lol. Second of all, I did not know that boy’s name was Rider Strong! That’s such a kickass name. I’m jealous. And finally, Matthew Lawrence was ANOTHER ONE! Yum ;]

    @Lynn • Don’t be ashamed of your kiddie boos, hun! Embrace them. They helped set the standard for what you wanted your future man to be. Sort of, haha.

    @LadyNgo • I keep hearing about this Romeo guy. . .I had to google him. I don’t remember him! But I do remember Backstreet Boys and Kevin, who was another imaginary boo of mine.

    @Chi • That’s exactly it! He was my JB for the 90s! Good comparison, lol. Leo DiCaprio was every girls dream after he did Titanic. I remember that fondly.

    @Rash • Yes, I knowwwwww :D

  9. honestly i don't know more about him but your posting make it clearly! :D
    thankyou for sharing sweety, nice post!
    anyway thankyou for every lovely comment pretty girl! <3

  10. ahahhaha i remember him in Casper!!!
    he was so cute :D but i think that he is not really famous yet, right?
    always great face

    Syriously in Fashion

  11. I think his kinda cute ;p Haha. ;p
    thanks for your comment dear.

  12. OMG, I remember him!!! <3, My celebrity childhood crush was Johnathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement!!! lol

  13. I had THE biggest crush on him growing up. I remember my friend and I almost dying when we saw him in Casper. Also had a gigantic crush on JTT, Leo Dicaprio, Zac Hanson from that band Hanson (YES the band that everyone thought were boyish girls because of that ridiculous hair) I can remember when I was 11 having my entire room covered in Hanson posters. Floor to ceiling. And it was a pretty big room.

    OH! and Zack Morris but I cannot remember that dudes real name....

  14. Hahaha, "what my young loins lusted for," thanks for the awkward mental imagery. I remember liking him in Idle Hands. My childhood crush was Neve Campbell. I was kind of obsessed, even though she is a bit older than me.

  15. I am seriously obsessed with your blog. You always crack me up... and sadly douche bags seem to be my type as well
    Forever Chic,

  16. Haha those teenage crushes are amazing! When I was younger I was in deny of liking boybands or male actors what so ever haha! I loved the spice girls haha, girl power XD!

  17. LMAO!!!!

    I ENJOYED the post.

    Thanks for the B-DAY wish.


  18. HAHA! Devon Sawa, JTT (if you know what this stands for I know you were a fan!) Immature - Romeo!

    I feel like such a nerd, can't believe I thought someday I would marry those guys! :) Good post

  19. Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Devin Sawa, Kel from All That / Kennan & Kel, Ginuwine, Dame Dash and lil' Bow wow. (I'm not a player I just crush alot. :-))

    Great post! This got me thinking about the "good ole' days".

    Always, T


  20. My childhood crush was Britney Spears. Baby-One-More-Time era Britney Spears, not post-marriage-head-shaving Britney. Not sure what this says about me, but probably all kinds of messed up stuff involving that Catholic schoolgirl outfit she wore in her first video. Yum.


  21. hahahahhahaaha I had no idea the kid in Casper was the same guy in the Eminem music video for the song Stan.

    Learn new things everyday.

    My childhood crush was Will Smith. He is also currently my adult crush. So basically I have been in love my whole life with W. Smith. sighhh.

  22. Oh god, I had a heartbreaking crush on Devon. The peak of this was Now and Then and Little Giants... I also had a huge thing for JTT and Leonardo Dicaprio in his "romeo and juliet" days...

  23. Great blog ! Want to follow each other :) ??


  24. @Dana – Thanks for posting such adorable pictures! Lol

    @Syrious – He was like. . .semi-famous in the 90s. Famous in my eyes, of course.

    @Lupe – Anytime :)

    @SS – Forgot about JTT but now that everyone’s mentioning I must admit he was a cutie.

    @Melissa – Omgosh, Leonardo DiCaprio! Even his name was hott! I rememberrrr lol. I don’t know how I feel about Hanson. . .that long hair made them look so girly to me.

    @Woody – Neve Campbell, huh? Like “The Craft” Neve Campbell?

    @Amber – I appreciate your obsession :] I love to entertain.

    @Marielle – The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync were crushes of mine too!

    @Lioness – Thanks for the comment!

    @LovelyLady – I don’t think I ever wanted to marry them, per say, but I really enjoyed looking at them! Lol

    @Tarah – Yessss, Kel was a cutie too!

    @Shane – lmao. I thought your type was the “girl with intellect” or whatever?! Hmm. Britney doesn’t quite fit that. .

    @MissSassyPants – Your childhood crush being Will Smith is so befitting for you. Not surprised at all lol.

    @Meri – I never realized how much people were into JTT and Leo. . crazy!

  25. Awesome post!

    My childhood crush - and still is - Leonardo Dicaprio,

    He's not even my type!!! BUT, I saw him in Titanic at a very young age and fell in love with him. I still think he looks hot in Inception and Shutter Island :))


  26. TOTALLY was also in love with Devon. And Johnathan Taylor Thomas. And Ben Savage. And I'm TOTALLY STILL crushing on Will Friedle as Eric Matthews. Still happening. Also the two older Lawrence brother from Brotherly Love. I may also have had a slight swooning phase for the older Pete on 'Pete and Pete.' (I have all of those on DVD.)

    :-D No judgment here.

  27. LOL, cute post! My childhood crushes consisted of: Que from Moesha & Stephan from Family Matters =].

    - Kimberly

  28. Jack DeSena. Used to watch him on Nickelodeon. Now I stalk him on Facebook.


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