Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tell em how you feel Tuesdays: When life hands you lemons. . .

I honestly couldn't think of a better title for this entry (sorry) but whatever. You're gunna love this post because I'm telling you to.

So I'm realizing that gaining independence doesn't mean you're independent of your parents fully. Being independent of your biological parents just gives you a new mom and new dad, and their names are Uncle Sam and Sallie Mae.

• This weekend I pre-celebrated my pre-birthday with a few friends. Good food, good drinks. Two more celebrations to come ;] I'm a pain in the ass.

• I'm getting SO ANTSY about moving into the city in September. I actually have yet to tell my mother about me not coming home after this summer. Whatever, this weekend when I go home I'll be sure to bring it up, lol. Good thing she doesn't read this blog!

Victoria's Secret is giving out these cute-ass little doggies! Go make a purchase of any kind (or two, like I did so you can get two dogs) for free. Lol. That was the one thing that made my day better when I met Thelma the Racist.

• When the f*ck did I grow up?! Just a random thought I'm having. I'm lookin' up credit scores, asking everybody "does it cost money to do that"?, etc., etc. But I won't bore you with my early 20-something problems.

How are you guys feeling about the week to come? Any good/great news to share with me?


  1. Well I posted an excerpt of my book onto my blog site. I'm headed to jamaica sunday for a week, I can't get this one joint out my head..you can fill in that blank. And my internship takes a mean toll! lol there's new for ya

  2. Ah, love this post. Giving you some pre-Happy Birthday love. Soooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
    I asked myself the same thing the other day, "When Did I grow up?" Ha. It's crazy, I have bills to pay. I'm rationing and budgeting my money (as well as I know how) like no other.
    Good luck with moving into the city! It sounds totally exciting. I'm moving too! Very soon :) I cannot wait.
    I have no idea what I will be doing this besides work. I have the whole weekend off and I have to fill it with something to do!
    I like reading your blog, ha!
    Nequia x

  3. I just bought some items from Victoria Secret a couple of days ago. Now I am wondering where is my damn dog ;).



  4. I say when life gives you limes drink tequila! (But drink responsibly lol.) Live life one day at a time. Do be prepared for what's ahead of you but know what happens just does and all you can do is grow from it all. You'll do fine. Enjoy all your birthday celebrations!

  5. You can get free credit scores from various places online but usually u have to call and cancel and it's such a pain.... No other way to do it that i know of though! I got a PINK doggie too! mine is purple :) Bra was $40, a rip off but they are so much better than other kinds! And i needed a better strapless one.

  6. Pre-celebration for pre-birthday
    Really?? lol

    Que The Lights
    QTL Images

  7. lol how have you not told your mother about moving to the city?! :p I'm feeling overworked already just by doing the necessary to get away in time for September, but it's all a bit exciting I guess. Don't even get me started on the monstrosity known as the credit score...X

  8. @LiL – You’re going to Jamrock?! Jealous, man. . .I wanted to go down there to attend my great grandmother’s funeral . .I hope you enjoy it. What part are you going to?

    @Neq – Yayy for us moving! Onto to bigger (and hopefully better) things! Good luck with your move as well and I’m glad you enjoy my blog :] Read away! Lol

    @Lynn – It might depend on your location (for the dog giveaway) but I know as soon as I saw that “free dog” sign, I was in there! Haha.

    @ASMJ – lol @ “but drink responsibly” – of course, mama! ;] I’m mentally preparing myself for all that’s to come, but like everything else in life, I know to expect the unexpected.

    @Jill – Thanksss! I wonder if those “free credit score” places are truly free or if there’s like, a small fee. . .

    @X – I feel like you’re judging me. . .lol.

    @Kam – She hasn’t asked!! Lol, okay, yes she has. But it hasn’t come up in conversation, is all. I know you’ve been working hard, but you keep moving along, hun! No hard work goes unrewarded

  9. Hi there! I like how you roll with the birthday celebrations- I always make mine about a week long event, and I'm 26 haha so I don't know if I'll ever grow out of that! Don't worry too much about the "adult stuff," you'll figure it out soon enough. Happy Birthday and have fun!

  10. Hey girly! Happy early birthday! Hope it's awesome! Thanks for commenting.. As for me, this week will be relaxing before starting a new job next week.:)

    Good luck with talking to your momma, my talk didn't go good when I moved away but the biggest thing I would I have told myself was that I was now an adult and my parents will still be there for me, if needed. Hope it all goes well! :)

  11. Hey girl! I just wanted to remind you about the guest posting opportunity on Sweet Confessions for this Friday. I know you commented that you were interested, so here's a link!:)


  12. Pls. check my blog. I have given you an award.

  13. your blog is amazing !!! :)


  14. You guys look beautiful.

    And it so happens that my blog is called Lemons Don't Make Lemonade - yeah, I'm not exactly the most optimistic person. :)

  15. Haha I really need to celebrate my pre-birthday too! Although it's still a month a way.. it's always a good reason to party!

  16. Loving the post,
    here is you before happy birthday wish :)
    Thanks for your comment sweetie,

  17. Happy early birthday Nhya! Good luck on your move!

  18. wow! looks like you had a blast for your pre-birthday celebrations!! And don't worry about the grown up stuff, you will be fine! I remember freaking out to my mom about being scared to be "independent". It's funny even with all the new found responsibilities that come with getting older and having to support myself. I don't think I'll ever be 100% independent and that's fine with me. I used to hate asking for help. I felt ashamed, but now I know that it's okay to. Part of being "independent" is knowing when you need help and being able to ask for it. Wish I'd known that earlier! Wow. I can't believe I'm rambling on your comments section. Sorry!

    Anyways, good luck on the move to the city! Hopefully the talk with mom goes smoothly. And Happy Early Birthday, Nhya!! Sending out tons of hugs your way! :)

    xo//Andrea Marie

  19. i havent told my mother i plan on moving either eventually im going to have to tell her. Sallie Mae & i dont get along lmao i just want to smack her lol

  20. Gorgeous pictures, great post! really love it! thank you xx Joice

  21. I love the idea of pre-celebrating pre-birthdays ;D

  22. Oh my goshh I wish we had a Victoria's Secret here in Amsterdam!!
    Nice post...

  23. Looks like you had a great time celebrating your "pre-birthday"! Hope you have a great birthday when the day comes.

    I don't plan on being 100% independent of my parents either if I don't have to. They wouldn't turn their backs on me. Even when I move away and don't use any of their money, I'm still going to rely on them for moral support and advice.


  24. O.M.G! That is so true! Although, you can gain independence from your parents they will always be your parents. I'm still getting un-wanted advice from my Mom everyday. LOL, I know one thing, Sallie Mae is the meanest Mom ever and she makes me wish I was still a kid!!!

    ~ T


  25. I always say, your birthday is the one day of the year that you get to be selfish and make everything about you. Don't let it pass you by, but use it wisely! :D


  26. I probably already missed your birthday but I hope it was a good one. You've obviously had a lot of fun and those drinks look sooo delicious!! Yum

  27. Happy birthday hun <3 judging from the pictures, it looked like you had an awesome pre-bday celebration ;) and haha you know, I still ask myself that same old question, even up to this age cuz honestly, the numbers may have piled up, but I'm still faced with the same recurring issues.

    Good luck with your talk with your mom. She may be floored the first time you mention it, but I'm sure she'll understand. We all have to grow up and eventually move out to find our own place in the world. It may be a little too hard to accept the minute you drop the bomb but eventually, she'll come to realize that her dear daughter's all grown up ;)

    so, cheers to you and your new endeavours hun <3 have a happy weekend.


  28. You look like you had so much fun =) and I'm so happy for you! I truly am. And yes, we will never be fully "independent"-- that little bit of harsh reality has been killing me softly. And good luck on your move in September! I'm rooting for you!

    - Kimberly

  29. i absolutely love the point you made about uncle sam and sallie mae... so very, very true.


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