Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making my way around

First of all - Happy New Year, my bloggies! I hope your year has been filled with less stress, no mess and lots of happiness so far. I know mine has.

I hate giving you all updates of my life and no real awesome stories to go along with it, so I apologize for that. Instead, I will give you photos that illustrate what I have been up to. Most people are visual learners, right?

Giving in to my mini-shopping addiction.

Spending time with those I absolutely adore and haven't seen in foreverrrr.

Going to Florida and seeing my sissy poo.

And her brother. My boo.

Relaxing in the sun while everyone else dealt with NY's bipolar weather.

Bottle poppin' and show stoppin'.

Celebrating 2011's end and 2012 beginning.

Finding my new favorite hangout.

Photographing some crazies.

Being "grown".

Celebrating a much needed break.

How have you all been spending your year so far? Keeping up with those resolutions, I hope. I'll be making my blogging rounds to visit you all - just give me some time! :)


  1. Lovely new post darling! Was wondering where you went!

    Beautiful photos also!
    Hope you have a great Sunday!


  2. Looks like you're having a lot of fun in 2012! Jealous you got to go to Florida - I've never been!

    I haven't done much with my time, but relaxing is super awesome when I can do it! :)

  3. looks like you had so much fun, happy to see you're back in the blogosphere and happy new year to you too many blessings!

  4. I like those happy new year hats, hope you had a good time! Xx

  5. I love seeing pictures from your everyday life!! You don't need awesome stories to go with them. Super cute! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I went to that jewelry store in Charleston!

  7. Happy New Year Nhya! Looks like you had an incredible holiday and had the chance to see family and celebrate with friends :) You are too cute, no I was "not born this fabulous."'s taken years of training by none other than my fabulous Mom :) You know what they mother like daughter!

  8. amazing pics looks like you guys have alot of fun

  9. It´s great to see your creativity in this blog.

  10. Nhya, you had an awesome holiday girl! You're doing what you love and that is what's important. You look great! Continue enjoying yourself. ((HUG))

  11. Nice pictures! You look great and you have a very nice blog!


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