Monday, January 16, 2012

You can thank Martin Luther King Jr. for this post

Well, you can. You can thank him for a lot of other things like being a major influence on the civil rights movement but for right now, as you're reading this, you can thank him for this update.

This long weekend I've been making great use of my time. Since I now have cable (moving on up in the world), I can now watch shows other than The Office and Charmed re-runs on Netflix, which I've been doing since about August. As it turns out, TV still sucks even after you give yourself a 5 month break from it.

Along with watching cable, I've been forcing my homebody boyfriend to explore the city. When I say "force", I mean gently but persistently encourage him. He's not a fan of crowds or public transportation, but I could really care less about that. If I'm living in a city, it's just something we've both got to get use to and so far he's been a good sport.

And another New Years resolution that I've been starting to work on is spending more time with my dad - who I don't talk about much on here. You hear about La Madre, which she loves because in her mind that makes her a celebrity, but my dad deserves shine too. This weekend J and I went on a "double date" with him and his womanfriend. You would think it would be awkward but it wasn't. . .just 4 adults talking and enjoying good food. Gahd, am I getting old? That statement sounded old.

I feel like  I spent so much of my life trying to get older and now that I'm in my 20's. . .I'd gladly give back like 2-3 years. There are obvious pros to being over 21 though. Still trying to figure those out.


  1. I can dig it, this post grad life is definitely something different in all facets, exciting and upsetting simultaneously.

  2. Maybe I should enjoy 20 while I can, because lately I've been thinking that my life will be better once I turned 21. I know nothing will drastically change, though.

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  4. oh goodness, if i had a nickel for every time i wished to be back in my younger

    I'm like ur bf. lived in NY my entire life and hardly ever went past queens. Now live in Orlando...never go into the "city" part, and i def don't do public transportation lol. I'm working on it though.

  5. Very cute post! No TV for 5 months...EEEk...Thank you for stopping by my blog! Also to solve your fear of buying clunky platforms buy a really inexpensive pair to start off with that way if you don't wear them you didn't lose much! Try they are cheap.

  6. Happy MLK Day Nhya! We have so much to be thankful for. I wish others would live by his message more. It's ashame some of the things that are going on. Black civil rights pioneers went through so much, so that we may have what we do today.

  7. How are you liking Charmed? I was addicted to it back in 2007. It is one of my most favorite shows of all time.

    Mary from

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    I've taken a break from TV too and every time I sit down at someone else's house to watch it, I'm reminded why:)

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner date with your Dad!

    Audry Cece (

  9. Such a great post, I like it!!!

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  10. loving loving loving this post!!!
    and yea i think the older we get the more we wish we could go back a few years...LoL

  11. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog:) I think it is sweet that you went on a doubldate with your dad and his lady friend.

    Your early 20's are not old!! Wait til you hit your mid 30's to start thinking that:)


  12. Yeah, I wish I could go back a few years sometimes, but it's only to be more productive over the years! Ha! And I agree about the cable situation, I didn't have it for over a year and half, but now that I do, I still find nothing on! I was way more productive before though hmmm--- ;)

  13. Great + important post! Thx for sharing it !!!!

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    Kisses from Germany! :)

  14. Yes we all want to give a few years away. I would love to give about 10 years away. Ha


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