Saturday, November 2, 2013

Falling for Fall: Beanies and Leather (OOTD)

Anyone who knows me knows that my wardrobe consists primarily of summer and spring clothes. I live in New York and I'm fully aware that the temperature drops at any point without warning, but that doesn't stop me from loading up on cropped tops and skirts even in October. I just live for warmer weather. I can't help that I find myself more attracted to what I see in stores for summer than I do for colder months. Not to mention, now that I don't go "back-to-school" shopping, what am I really getting excited to dress up for?

Just being honest.

This year, however, I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf for fall, no pun intended. I've been buying new boots and dusting off old ones, buying cozy sweaters and scarves and truly trying to embrace the season. I think, when done correctly, colder weather in New York doesn't have to be a miserable fashion experience. You just need to find select pieces you love and feel comfortable in and build off that. See below for Saturday's OOTD:

A knitted hat because I can't get another cold. Precautions must be taken. 

Faux Moto Jacket - another fall essential.

The Isaac Mizrahi boots that you'll be seeing me live in this season. Comfortable black quality boots are a wise investment! "I never wear those black boots I bought that go with everything," said no one, ever.  

Keep a look out for more of my fall fashion attempts, where I focus on getting it right and staying warm at the same time. It won't be easy, but I'm up for the challenge.

Messenger Bag/ Marc by Marc Jacobs
Top (Zipper in the back)/ Zara (Similar)
Moto Jacket/ Forever 21
Knit Hat/ H&M

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  1. I love everything about this outfit. I LOVE fall/winter clothes, but I live in Florida so I never get to partake for that long. I think we both may need to move!

    1. We can trade places for a little while! Is it true that in Florida, since you guys don't get cold weather you break out the boots when it's like...75 degrees? That sounds like my dream place.

  2. great outfit! beautiful shoes, following you now on gfc, hope you follow back..:) kisses:*)



  3. Love the leather jacket! awesome blog!


  4. I love this look hunni! So super chic and stylish. Now gimme those boots, lol.


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