Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Casual: Cropped and Ripped (OOTD)

Sadly, I got completely discouraged this past fall/winter and I apologize for that. What I thought would be an opportunity for me to embrace cold weather just didn't turn out that way. So, now what? Now...I give you spring.

Yesterday I spent the day out east with my fiance and my sister (the photographer). It was too nice out to let the sunshine pass us by, and we've been warm weather deprived for far too. I couldn't just ignore the opportunity to wear a cropped top... 

 ...Or the nude shoes I've been waiting to debut for spring and an all-purpose black, structured bag.

Shoes/ Aldo (on sale!)
Watch/ Michael Kors
Boyfriend Jeans/ Forever 21
Cropped Top (Similar)


  1. You look great and those shoes, FABULOUS! Please blog more!

    1. Aww, thank you love! I know - I need to blog more >.< Going to check out your page now! I've missed the blogosphere <3

  2. those shoes are CUTE!!!! loving the whole outfit ;-)

  3. You look great girl! Love that handbag :)

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