Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the earthquake taught me

(If you recognize this picture, I love you because you've watched Charmed)

It's very rare (though not impossible) for New Yorkers to experience an earthquake, or even an aftershock from an earthquake. It is, however, not unlike us to make the biggest deal out of any unusual situation that we might face. Dramatic and New York kind of go hand in hand like Idaho and potatoes (ever met someone from Idaho? They hate when you say that) and Florida and really, really old people retiring there and slowing up traffic.

But I'll digress.

When the earthquake earth hiccup occurred I was sitting on my boyfriend's futon and thought that someone was doing construction nearby until I looked over and saw the bed and everything on it was shaking too.

My first thought was that I was overreacting until it continued for another minute or two, and then I needed to consult a trusted source about what was happening: Twitter.

Lo and behold, after a little lagging and Twitter being "over capacity", the New Yorkers on my timeline were in a frenzy, tweeting pictures of how their picture frames had tilted an inch off the wall. And I thought I was dramatic.

Here are some things the weak aftershock that us New Yorkers are calling an earthquake taught me:

1.) In this world there does exist someone more dramatic than I am and her name is La Madre, who felt it was crucial to call me repeatedly until I answered after the "quake". Her floor apparently rocked more because she's so high up and she thought they might be having some sort of pre-September 11th thing going on. Why someone would target a small opthalmology company in Long Island is beyond me.

2.) I may need some new friends. I sent a text to one asking if we just had an earthquake and he told me that it was probably just alcohol withdrawal. Is it wrong that for a second, I thought he made a valid assumption?

3.) That maternal instinctive survival gene I thought I was missing is actually there. I called J at work (First person! Yay for being a good gf!). Not sure that I would have been able to do anything over the phone to help him, but it's the thought that counts.

4.) I am SO GLAD I was not on a Subway. I don't think there was any record of problems on NYC subs but I. Don't. Care. That is the last place I want to be when there's any kind of earth movement. This isn't a lesson, more of a me-just-being-happy thing.

Sidenote, and totally off-topic: I need your honest opinion on if I'm too old to purchase this microwave from Target. . .

Hello Kitty Microwave - Pink (7 CuFt)
I love it though.


  1. Gotta laugh when people over react to a quake! My family live in Christchurch NZ, and the big quakes there are terrifying to say the least. We had a tiny tremor here in Melbourne earlier this year (so small that you wouldn't have felt it unless you were sitting completely still).. and Twitter went insane, "SOOO SCARY" people were saying... hilarious. I guess if you'd never felt one though it would "shake you up" a bit :P

  2. Ok, that microwave is adorable! I don't care what other people would say the minute they saw it in my (future) kitchen, I mean C'mon! it's Hello Kitty, how could you even think about passing on that? hahaha... So yeah, if you love it, buy it lol.

    And I couldn't agree more on your first lesson. I can be a bit of a drama queen on FB as well, write earthquake! on my status, but lol.. others make a BIG DEAL out of it! And haha.. your mom is just so worried about her baby girl, I guess. It's in their nature to wig out on something as trivial as a earth hiccup.

    And that is just so sweet of you to call your boyf, really, it's the thought that count and that only shows just how deeply you care for him ;)

    I hope you guys don't experience any more earth hiccups in the future. Stay safe!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. lmao i actually think that microwave is really cute. that could just mean that I am extra immature also tho lol.

    <3 jaz

  4. I love that microwave! It's adorable! The earthquake was scary. My desk and chair were shaking, I def. don't want to die at work!! lol

  5. Some people in my area were very overdramatic about this as well, but it was kind of fun for the first hour after it happened. Then the Internet, Twitter, and Facebook sucked pretty much all the fun out of it by turning this into a meme (which I plan on writing a post about in the future).

    As for the microwave...DO IT. :D


  6. First, order TWO microwaves because I love it too <3!!! I say go for it!
    Second, laughing at the picture from Charmed
    Third, gotta love those who overreact!! Check out my blog post - you will see what I was doing lol.

  7. First I say buy the microwave. You're definitely not too old and even though I am too old I would consider buying it if I seen it in the store just because I know my kids would like it! But you're never too old for what you want and who cares what anyone else things. Your writings are hilarious! I'm glad you're ok and it didn't shake you up too much. Yes people do tend to overreact. If you think that's bad people here in SC were talking about how they felt it. Hmm? I didn't feel a thing and I was in the car.

  8. I shrieked with joy when I saw the microwave. You must do it, screw ageism!

    I was a little too far South to feel anything, but have been convinced that I'm feeling tremors anytime a train comes by. I wanted in on this earthquake business.

  9. LOL people really have overreacted with the earthquake situation, I do believe. Can you believe us folks down here in NC got a taste of the "shake" too? Well apparently I missed it because I was too busy doing laundry to notice. Had it not been for my mother and auntie calling I would not have known it happened until I checked twitter lol.

    Aww that's so sweet that you called J to at work to see how everything was! High-five for being a good gf :)

    And no ma'am you are not too old to have the Hello Kitty Microwave. Trust, this is coming from someone who had the matching toaster up until it broke last year!

  10. Never been in an earthquake, although I live in the Midwest somewhat near the New Madrid fault line. Glad you survived though!

    And I often feel that I'm too YOUNG to be buying some of the grandma stuff I buy, so I say go for the microwave! It's actually pretty awesome.

  11. Love the microwave and who cares if your too old, do what you want girl. EARTH HICCUP (lmbo), Ppl were so dramatic about that earthquake. I think ppl were just amazed because of where it happened.

    What I learned from your experience.
    1. You are DRAMATIC like your Mom :)
    2. You and you friends are silly
    3. You're in Love
    4. You Never want to be on the subway when the earth is in motion. ahahaha.




  12. I've never been in an earthquake, Holland is in a pretty save zone.. We never have those and we haven't got tornados either.. SO happy about that! That microwave is to die for!

  13. Hey just saw this post! Even though it wasn't a biggie, hope you're ok, earthquake to me just means natural disaster and thinking back to old survival movies. Kind of exciting! That microwave NEEDS to be purchased soooo cute :p X

  14. Our links section has been updated. =]. check it out, you'll be happy.

  15. I'm glad that you're okay. Please, for the love of all that is holy, buy that microwave!

  16. BUY IT, it's gorgeous! And your friend is crazy ridic lol "alcoholic withdrawals", I have no idea how alcohol withdrawals will make you feel like the earth is moving...wait.. lol

  17. That microwave is awesomly cute! I say go for it!

    -Nicole Alicia

  18. Thing is, I didn't even feel the "earthquake"...I was walking on campus and talking to my mom on the phone when all of a sudden she started shouting "OMG! I'll call you back!" Maybe I'm not observant enough, but I didn't feel a thing. I did see twitter go crazy, though. Sent you a follow request, also!

    And as for the microwave, I'm a HUUUUUGE hello kitty lover and if my apartment didn't already have a microwave I would get that one in a heartbeat! You're never too old for cuteness.

  19. Thanks for your comment dear, I just returned so sorry for my late respond.

    Very cute microwave and funny how you call it an earthhiccup :)


  20. Well earthquakes can be scary if it hits bad. But just a shake up is nothing to panic I think. I would go nuts if I had to see a hello kitty microwave every morning.

  21. thank God you survived it, this post was fun to Wow, earthquake is not a joke o, hang in tight, it's all getting better, hope hurricane Irene wasn't that bad

  22. hey honey! I liked it very much post! will now be much here!
    I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!
    kisses, Claire.

  23. Hahaha you're hilarious! Earth Hiccup! Love reading the things you write. But yesss very glad you're safe and sound. I didnt feel anything at all which I wanted to cause I like the thrill. But guess I should be happy

    And that picture on my blog was actually back in 2009 before I had braces and had dark hair but thanks girl!

  24. Lol I just had myself a marathon of Charmed. I really miss that show! Who was your favorite?

    Good to know you weren't really effected!

    If I didn't have a husband I would so buy that microwave! Maybe when I get my woman room **chick version of a man cave** I could add that in there? **Am I the only person who giggles when they here the words lady cave together?**


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