Monday, July 5, 2010

Abuse & Neglect

I solemnly swore to update this blog on a (semi) regular basis and I'm totally failing in that respect.

*fake sigh*

I'm actually on vacation in Florida and I'm trying this new thing where I don't bring the work of NY with me wherever I go.

So this is a post to say that even better posts will follow. Scout's honor. Whoever Scout is. .

In the meantime, here's a belated Happy Independence Day! And a rundown of reasons for why I can only visit Florida, and not actually live here.

• NYers have no kind of patience. Neither do 20-something's. We feel we're entitled to a lot just because we've mastered useless technologies. Seeing as how I am both a NYer and a 20-something, the Floridian's lackadaisical way of operating baffles me.

• NYers can drive, and unless a Floridian was originally from another state they truly cannot.

• I can't with things that are far away
being described as "right around the corner." On what planet?

• This month is actually considered part of the rainy season down here. F-ck me, right?

• The fashion in any place that's NOT Miami? Ehh. . .

• Along with rain. . .comes humidity. Humidity begets sweating, sweating begets frizzing of the already confused hair I've got.

Aside from those minor things I need to adjust to, I'm having a blast and enjoying this much-needed vacation. I'm being shamelessly lazy, eating anything that I find myself staring at for too long, and purchasing whatever I see that's made of lace and floral-print. In short - just doing what I'm good at.

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