Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet Karma: She's rubber, and you're glue

I’ve always been a firm believer in documenting important life events, because even if no one else would care to read it, later it’ll be there for you. Just in case you forget how something felt at the time or what someone said (and how they said it). Sometimes it’s good to have that reference.

I’m grateful to have a lot of things written down and archived for future reference. It’s helped me realize how much I’ve grown, and in some ways, stayed the same since certain events happened in my life. It’s really been a beautiful journey, all in all. The good and the bad things that I’ve done as well as the good and bad things that have happened to me were somehow cosmically intertwined and ended up meaning something. They’ve all happened for some greater reason than what I could recognize at the time, and now I'm understanding it a little more. Everyday is a lesson.

There was a time when I felt that I had done something so karmically wrong (that I still feel guilty for to this day, fyi) in my past that something I was going through at the time had to be a result of a that. I convinced myself that this was the Universe’s/God’s way of saying “You done f-cked up now.”

Looking back on that now, I see it wasn’t that serious, and that what happened to me was nowhere near equivalent to what I had done. I saw that it had happened to a lot of people. I saw that it could have been a lot worse. The Boomerang Theory to me has some truth to it, and somehow I was going to get what was coming to me, and it’d only be fair. Everyone is, if they haven’t already.

Just always remember to give out what you want in return. You may not get it right away, but somehow it will always come back around to you. Even if you’re experiencing something painful – some betrayal or some loss – keep in mind that retaliating is your way of getting back at that situation, but not the way of the greater good. You don’t have to believe in God to see where I’m coming from – just believe that there is something omnipotent and far bigger than you. Good things happen to good people, eventually, and that’s the stuff worth waiting for.

Right now I feel as if the years of good I’ve done have come back to me because this place.

Right now.

This ish right here? This is a good feeling. Happiest I’ve been in a while, I’d say.

I hope you all are getting what’s coming to you :) Whether it’s good or bad - it will pass, and the cycle will continue. For the future, learn from this and give out what you want to get back.

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