Monday, February 13, 2012

Sometimes I get a feeling

American Horror Story is now on the top of my list of TV shows I need to come back for another season asap. Right up there with True Blood. I haven't been able to sleep at a decent hour for the past week because of a combination of fear and over-analyzing, but I do love the show.

And just as I start liking a worthy show. . . I'm sad to say that I'm excited for Bad Girls: Las Vegas. Did I mention I haven't had cable for months? Having it now is a big deal for me!

I'd like to blame my being MIA on reality TV (kind of like how we blame violence, stereotypes, sub-par reading comprehension, etc. on reality TV), but TV this time isn't the culprit. I can't with good conscious ever blame the media for my problems. Too easy.

What has really been happening is lots of work and me juggling my time between all of the people who are important to me. Of course, one of those people is my boyfriend who took me to see The Vow (and it wasn't incredibly sad. Just unfortunate) and is finishing his final semester of college. Wish him luck! I feel like it's been ages since I even sat in a classroom. How does that happen?

I keep feeling like everything's happening so fast, yet nothing's really happening. Or maybe I mean nothing's really happening to me? Not at the rate I want it to, anyway.

Which is why it's time to shake things up.

I work in baby steps, so don't expect a new tattoo or wild hair color or me jetting off to another country. But do expect me to enjoy my 20's a little more...For me to find the same joy in the things I found fun pre-graduation. Expect me to start taking better care of myself so I look the same way on the outside that I feel on the inside. Why should I wait until Spring for those good vibes to come?

And as for things YOU can actually see - keep a look out for a whole new blog makeover for ;)

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  1. WHOO blog makeover but I like your blog anyway. It's pretty nice. It sucks with TV shows nowadays because it starts out awesome like (Once Upon a Time or Secret Circle) then it gets repetitive. Really sucks because I love myself some TV!

  2. I'm excited for the blog makeover! That's always fun. I haven't had cable for years. I've found that the Internet provides me with everything I need <3

  3. hahaahh no cable? ..for months? lol.. This season of Bad Girls though. ughh. no bueno! I'm excited to see The Vow. - I feel the same way about things happening fast but not happening fast enough. weird, but true. -enjoy enjoy enjoy those twenties girl!

  4. Totally know what ur talking about, i feel the same way! Thinking about it a lot lately, enjoying my 20's a lot more.. and indeed looking my best!

  5. I am not watching any TV show since Lost...I am still trying to figure out what was that about, lol!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. That is a really good idea not to wait for Spring to start making positive changes. I know for a fact, that once spring rolls around all of a sudden I am fell so renewed and ready to take on project, but why not do it now? :)

  7. Yes some times we tend to put things off. So might as well just we do what we feel now.

  8. Girl this is exactly what I decided to do....enjoy my life more. I am traveling more this year and trying my best to just have fun. I work too much.

    Can't wait to see your new blog layout!

  9. You look great Nhya, and I know that in 10 years you will look still as beautiful as you do now :) I've not yet seen the Vow but heard some great reviews!

  10. Good luck with everything, I hope that you find things that make you happy and that things start happening for you! :) I love American Horror Story, my boyfriend stopped me watching it before bed though otherwise I wouldn't sleep. xx

  11. We all get behind or go MIA for a while, but your followers will always be here. :) Make sure you take time for yourself to do what makes YOU happy.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Looking forward to seeing the new blog makeover! Not that I have any problems with your current layout, but change is always nice and refreshing!

    I like your spirit. Go out, live life, enjoy it, and treat yourself right. You only get one shot, so make it count.


  13. Can't wait to see the blog makeover ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend my dear!

  14. I love this post!! al your resolutions really made me think, thanks for sharing :)
    cant wait for the blog makeover ;)

  15. I love how positive this post is and thanks for the lovely comment. I'm a big kid and when I should be acting 21, I act 12 when I get near the swings, haha! Looking forward to the new blog make-over. xxx

  16. Beautiful! :)

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